NPCs to guard Forts

There should be a way to recruit a few NPCs that can guard a fort from preventing it from being captured by 1 player. It is unrealistic and a pain that forts can simply be captured this way.

Is your game design really to expect players to be standing guard at a fort the whole time or running all the way to a fort just because 1 player captured the flag?

Don’t you want us to have fun doing other things?

If this is your game design then please rethink your game design

And how is that enemy players can simply walk through the fort doors? Why is there no way to lock them to make it more difficult to enter, so that they have to break the doors down to enter, you know, like in a realistic situation?

Are you saying that we have the common sense to just leave the fort abandoned and the doors unlocked with no guards protecting it while we do things we would rather do other than standing like statues at the fort?

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