Nullifying Oblivion Nerf is the worst thing you can do

In the release notes from PVP Arenas Update we have this:

  • Nullifying Oblivion: Fixed an issue where this perk would remove effects from persistent AoEs.

Why you guys changing this? In terms of war this nerf is really bad, feels like we’re going back to the last year horrible meta, all the healers using the AoE skills (because nullifying will not remove the AoE’s anymore, combined with the light’s embrace cast time nerf).

Thats horrible, i feel like we are regressing to the last year meta that we have all healers just spamming AoE heals and literally NOBODY dies, creating eternal huge clumps and bringing lag war back.

The nerfs in nullifying oblivion perk and light’s embrace cast time only removes the need of a good team coordination, the player skill gap just disappears.

Stacking AoE heals doesnt Work anymore since Patch 1.3 iirc.

So only the most recent one would Heal.

My best guess as to why AGS is changing right now, would be that it was never intended to nullify buffs from persistent AoE effects.

they doesn’t need to stack, just 3 or 4 healers spamming aoe skills in flags can hold too much peoples for a great amount of time, wars will be so boring.
It was never inteded to nullifying to remove aoe effetcs, but it was so good to the game

It does strike me as a weird change, since all you had to do was walk out of the sacred ground and then walk back into it, since nullifying oblivion only wiped those buffs on cast and does not persistently wipe buffs for the duration.

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Boring nerf, This nerf is only gonna reduce the skillgap between players/companies and make wars into even bigger clumps than they already are.

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so wiat… u can cast multiple aoe DPS but when u cast multiple AOE healers u start cry ? play whit skils and stop cry for each change ! i 'm sure just “Low skill” guys cry that much :slight_smile:

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You are spot on mate. It’s nice to see that a Mensa member like yourself could find time to educate us on the forums.

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@istiritzuka you think that the healing should be bigger than DPS? which world you came from?very low skill guys like you are the same… long distance player that spams AOE healing skills that you don’t have to aim… good point

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