Nullifying oblivion removes ALL healing from ALL healing circles

AGAIN… The issue isnt with NULLIFYING OBLIVION, its the healing circles. The fact that its not a true aoe heal, and it simple applies a healing buff for a long duration when you step in, and never refreshes it is the problem. Damage circles refresh the debuff as you stand in it, so the healing circles should function the same way.

NULLIFYING OBLIVION should also remove new placed heals… It doesn’t do atm… Only remove the heal cicles on activating and not during the debuff…

I dont agree with this because it says removes buff on activation

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It is only when they use oblivion, that’s intended

Clump v clump comes down to a dice-roll as to which clump will have the heals cancelled and which oblivion will be overwritten by heal circles. Hilariously it favours healers who react slower to a clump dying.

Not sure why this is a bug. Makes total send to me considering heals are buffs. Just have another healer lay another heal on top, or use targeted healing.

The issue is with the healing circles not reapplying buffs, aoe things always reapply damge debuffs, but not healing, makes no sense that way. It also is creating this clump and nuke meta, which honestly was old and boring 2 months ago, not its just getting annoying,.

More Than 1month later… Still no asnwer. very nice job devs

Hey guys! While they never replied here, they added this to their known issues list, confirming that aoe heals are not supposed to be removed by oblivion!

  • Heal over time effects are not automatically reapplied if cancelled by Nullifying Oblivion

Working as intended.

read the comment above you and the known issues list, its not.

im not reading other replys im way too lazy to.

you wrote the defending side must go on the point or they lose it.

the same is for attackers, they must go on the point or they wont take it.

wipe enemy team, then knock down any influence they got on the points. its working as intended.

if you are running onto the point while its being blown up by aoe/grav wells/ice storms/shockwaves/path of destiny/oblivion and die because they nulled a sacred ground thats your own fault.

not at all

Definitely not working as intended. The devs have recognized it as a known issue.

“Heal over time effects are not automatically reapplied if cancelled by Nullifying Oblivion”

At this point everyone stacking rosters and using this as a way to take (or defend) terris is unfortunately exploiting, knowingly or unknowingly. It is what it is.

Also kinda funny the number of people saying this is working as intended when the Devs have it on their known issues list. Lmao

dw guys its 100% intended. I am illiterate and cannot read the Known issues list but its 100% intended.

Source? Trust me bro.

This issue now has been fixed, hope it doesnt mess with your companies strat too much :slight_smile:

Nerf this weapon u are willing to boost its root again??? while it has so many attacking and defensive capabalities as a support u keep buffing it? something is really wrong here.

its not a nerf to void gauntlet, it fixes an issue with the lifestaffs aoe healing not reapplying like aoe damage does…

That’s why they have listed it as a know issue in their bug list, or you don’t read that far?

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