:Heart_decoration: NW Artist appreciation

I appreciate all the artists who design the environments, effects, sounds, musics, equipment, and concepts of the game - but I’m very happy to put a face to the artist of my favorite armor in the game;

A bit dated, but it features a concept of the Avenging Smith armor on the 10/21/21 art blast article;

Image 1 source article


I can’t imagine the Siren Queen without the singing either, cool to know it was all her idea!


Well, I cant deny that AGS truely created amazing scenes & music for Aeternum


Is she the one who design Store Skins too? I hope its not her. LMAO

somebody said that another studio or team makes skins for AGS

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Really enjoyed the video.
I love concept art for videogames and it’s something I’m thinking in doing too.

New world has some amazing art too, glad to see their experience and opinions on how it works.

btw Korean visual artists like her always do great jobs in vedio game development :+1:

Also shoutout to Kiana, who is one of my favorite artists. It was a very interesting video on character design creation. I would love to see more.

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Congratulation. New world is a unique masterpiece for me. I’ve been here since alpha 1 and the universe has really evolved a lot. I would appreciate having more quests to discover the story and return to areas of the map where we go less. There is so much to discover. I like to walk in New world and appreciate the landscape. The music and sounds are sublime. I also have an attraction for the song of the siren which is splendid. I also like the place “For Laura” in Mourningdale which is full of emotion and has its own melody.

Congratulations again to the team and thank you.

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