NW Developers said you need to get your Gear Score up, I ask why?

So in the hour and half video NW Developers posted recently they stated, the new content will require you to “increase your gear score”… I ask why?

Gear Score, unless new information comes to light, gives you a insignificant increase in stats from 23-24 to 25 and % on perks from 8.7 to ?? from 560ish to 600. So if you are a GA/HM user getting a gearscore 600 item that is Strength/Focus without useful perks is NOT an upgrade from a Str/Con item with useful perks. If both have the right stats and perks the difference between 24 and 25 Constitution as an example is 23 hit points x 5 =115 total hit points on a 10,000 HP character.

So as I view Character Equipment in this game, once you reach the 28 stat threshold, your focus should be on right stats with right perks over higher gearscore with incorrect stats and incorrect perks.

Gear Score itself does not have a hidden multiplier or effect beyond increased stats or %, as far as we know.

Does anyone hold a differing view… if so why?


I agree 100%. That’s the first game ever (that I played) that the higher level gear doesn’t really makes no difference (yeah don’t come to argue about the 20 extra stats min/max after months of HWM/Expertise grind). Just get any T5 gear with good perks and you’re done with the game. Why farm legendary BiS? Spend 100k+ coins in a piece you won’t even notice the difference. And again, for what? Pvp? I bet if you spend the time farming 590 expertise and saving coins on just getting better on pvp you’ll be better off, most of the best pvpers have very low GS. For PvE? Come on, the stats difference won’t make any difference and there’s nothing, absolutely nothing challenging or to strive for in PvE.

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At 600 you get a extra Attribute point

PVP your armor/gear is equalized under the new patch… so gear score matters even less in PVP… right stats and correct perks are only thing that matters in PVP

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Nope, just coming to elucidate that I think the high end %s are like 9-11?

Statistically speaking, as a human being a 5% difference probably isn’t really enough for you to notice a serious difference. In terms of returns, 5% (let’s say, extra damage) is 5 points per 100. That seems decent but then you extrapolate to 50 to the 1000, 500 whopperoonis to a 10000 point value.

Crit % will be valuable to min max as one good crit can change things, but losing your mind over the difference between 8.1% HP and 10.7% HP is not a great way to spend ya time. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Now that Crit is now additive instead of multiplicative makes the difference less than before this patch.

Still people ask what GearScore do you have before accepting you into a War, Invasion or expedition which is not the right question…

It’s the lowest common denominator though. 600 is more than 580, even if the 580 is a tried strategist and has reflexes like a cat, there’s no easy way to articulate it. Meanwhile, 600 vs 580 reads loud and clear (if irrelevant).

If we had random draft PVP modes around, people could build a name by not sucking at that, even if they lacked GS.

In short, humans are goddamn stupid and expecting them not to be is, also, goddamn stupid. Unfortunately, you hedge sure bets by just expecting them to be dull.

gear score is notable difference. going from 500-550 is very noticeable. having decent perks is a part of it.

and realistically, if they wanted to, they could make dps, heal, or defense checks that assume you have top teir stats.

Is that their plan? who knows, but its pretty common in mmos to do such things, even though its a bit cheesy

I chuckled when their video pretty much stated:

'We realize the gearscore grind was shitty so we replaced it with an even shittier copy-paste&re-brand of it called expertise …and piled a 2nd and third grind+timesink on top to improve the end game experience

…because at AG, we believe that adding sugar to a turd will eventually make it a brownie’.


With just one spoonful of shit a barrel of wine becomes a barrel of shit.

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