NW IS A P2W, , and here's why

what is a P2W (pay to win) game?

A P2W game is a game where using real money, the player can buy in-game advantages, such as buying the strongest items.

How come I say NW is P2W?


  1. To get the best items, that is 600 with BIS, through crafting, it is really difficult, given the high RNG (i.e. the excess of randomness) in releasing a BIS item with 3 out of 3 perks.

  2. The 600 BIS items may have come, and are being sold at exorbitant prices, such that a simple casual player, who plays a few hours a day, cannot easily and easily afford, if not doing a lot of money to get that money.

  3. Therefore, many players, in order to buy BIS items, turn to gold sellers.

So they pay real money, in order to buy BIS items in game.

This makes the game a P2W, in which it is not AGS but the gold sellers who get rich, with what follows as damage to the community (bots, market prices inflated due to bots, etc.)

Unfortunately, in this game, having gold matters too much. Those who are richer (in gold) are also more advantaged in being able to progress and equip themselves.

In other MMOs, this is very limited as the best BIS items are usually soulbound and cannot be given away, so the player either has to find them in dungeons or craft them himself only for himself. In this way, wealth, and buying gold from goldsellers does not give many advantages in the game, since even the richest player must engage in crafting or other activities to EARN those items by PLAYING.

Unfortunately NW has always punished the merit, rewarding the luck and wealth of the players. Here if you are lucky, or willing to buy gold with real money, you can get BIS, if you are poor and unlucky, you will never be able to get them.


I dont agree.

Yes there is a massive inflation, problems with companys earning to much from citys

Yes there are bots that use the ingame coords
Simply turning it off should stop 80% of bots.

No, i don’t think the most players buying gold from sellers.

If you are hardcore / playing since release, you grind for your gear.

If you are casual, you play without that pressure and have no need to buy gold.

Overall there is maybe a small group of people buying gold. Who cares? If amazon would care, they easily disable the ingame coords.


Lol what?
This game is the only one not p2w.
I’m glad there are not 2000 in game currencies like in other mmos. Myself, i would like to see even the Azoth removed, is kinda useless especially since travel is almost free, should be replaced with X gold/travel, and for crafting… just remove it , like did with those crafting tiers regents fusion all in one type of each. About gold: i doubt anyone bother to pay for such, is overpriced & even if you farm stone & wood can make easy some gold quick, not to mention if you farm & craft higher stufs. Also this days, runing dungeons and selling the shards for gold is a bussiness going non stop, in 1 run can make ez 60k from peeps buying the shards. So who tf spends tons of real $ for few in game curencies… Maybe try hard streamers with toxic folowers, but NW do not have toxic streamers, at least none i know of.


I consider myself neither a casual player nor a hardcore player. I just know that, playing 2 hours a day, after a year, I couldn’t even get a BIS item and I couldn’t even make the money to buy 1.

I know many, who in the same situation have succeeded, who fortunately in crafting, and who, having no luck, bought gold from gold sellers with real currency and then bought BIS items.

I left the game precisely because this game does not reward meritocracy, it does not help casual players (who are the core base of a mmorpg) who play a few hours a day. This game rewards luck too much and those who buy gold, or those who play as hardcore players, farm hours and hours (which most normal people, who have a life, a family, a job, don’t do, and therefore to stay at pass, buy gold)

i played several mmorpg, such as gw2, where all these problems, i never encountered them.


Yeah this is a horrible take. Ironically enough NW is far from P2W. Most games have a third party way to purchase in game items. There’s no way they can fully stop that from happening


As long as there is the possibility to buy gold with real money, and buy BIS with real money, those who have a lot of money in real life will not be making half a second. If I were rich, I wouldn’t have spent hours farming (to no avail), but I would have bought gold, and I would have bought my BIS items like so many do.

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I have played for years in guild wars 2, where the same SH sold gold in game, but even those who bought a lot of gold, could not avoid working like all the other players to get BIS items.

Because in that game, BIS items you couldn’t buy at auction, if you wanted legendary armor, or BIS you had to craft it yourself and couldn’t sell it.

So you could, yes, buy the materials with gold, but you had to craft the same, respect the time gated and above all do other in-game activities to be able to complete the crafting, which always required materials that you could not buy.

So rich or poor, you still had to spend time and do activities to get BIS items

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Well, this BiS are discutable, most of the ones listed in the chats are not even bis lool. Tbh, your idea isnt that bad to make the droped Legendary gear to be bind on pickup. Let onky the grey, green, blue & purple to me bind on equip so that newcomers & casual players to can buy gear from the trade post to can progress in game. But again, the so over rated & called BiS gear should be considered end game gear more seriously & you should work for it not pay for it.

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as long as OP and crowd consider RTM being a part of P2W then every MMORPG that got a trade function is P2W and can never be changed.

My definition of P2W is of the company themselves monetizes gold and not black market deals.


So basicly every mmo is p2w by that logic. Every game has rmt and its imposible to make it go away.


I’m just gonna say it you’re reaching by calling it P2W

im sad to say this but you suck at trading

im also a casual player usually play like 3 hours or so
my only missing trophies are some combat throphies
i have 3 big house that full of stuff , i got 400+ stock for amso runic vs

i earn most of my money from expeditions i get in, get my drop and stock them in a bank
when i need money or run out of space i put them up in market and convert them to money

most of my equipment is named items which i farmed

am i winning here ?
yes im …
did i pay ?
no i didnt…

do i have fun ?
yup lots of fun…
unlike the real pay to win games

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its a bad idea to bind. I rathe have RMT then my drops i wont use to be in a grave yard cose i cant sell. How much BIS gear cost ? 150-500k ? if that is the case its kinda not expensive cose i could make 40k a weak but if i was focused double or triple that.

This is false, because there are a lot of mmorpgs where the BIS items are not tradeable.
You have to get them in game, doing activities (dungeon, raid, pvp, arenas or other).

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By your logic P2W shops are good too cose alot of games have it

i played lineage 2 all the time and every item was tradable witch means you can always buy sell stuff interact with ppl. Binding dose nothing cose ppl will just sell services to farm you that item for money and RMT isnt gone.

Wow has that and other games with bind

Lmfao at OP…

What, exactly, can I spend money on (LEGALLY) in the ingame store that lets me get ahead of other players?

Nothing! :slight_smile:

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True even diablo 2 is p2w at this point :smiley:

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Forgive me, but I didn’t buy new world to trade and farm, as a pvp player, I expected LIKE ANY OTHER MMORPG, that by doing pvp activities, I could progress and get BIS items for pvp.

If I have an hour or so in the evening to play, I don’t start farming, because if I start farming, when do I play?

When do I do something fun? In one hour a day, what do you want to do?

I have already wasted many hours farming materials to make crafting tries, I have done many, and I have not obtained any good items, not even salable. And out of all the stuff people sell, I couldn’t find any real BIS for a human price. If they sell me an item with 2 out of 3 perk at 700k, how can I get it if the maximum I managed to get is 50k?

In fact, when I realized, that to have a lot of money and allow you to buy items at 700k, you had to spend hours farming and reselling materials or buying them from gold sellers, playing for a short time, I would certainly have preferred the second option, but being honest, I preferred to leave. the game, and playing other mmorpg, where there is not all this stressful RNG and where by pvp and pvp only, you can progress and get BIS.