NW IS A P2W, , and here's why

IF you have 2h of gameplay start fliping in market best bet for you to get BIS other than that you cant expect 2h will make you top 10 player every PVP MMO you need to farm alot to be better geared then others best. Basicly farming 80% of time 20% pvp

I played guild wars 2 for years, I NEVER farmed 1 second, I always did 100% pvp, and I managed, by doing pvp only, to get me all the legendary BIS set.

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Nah this will make gear borring i like that this game has wide variety of gear stats. that makes BIS special like playing diablo 2 you farm alot to get those sweet drops. Dont make game casual it will downgradie the game

Guild wars 2 is one of the kind with gear system you dont need much to be geared.

Or skilled!

Kinda like WoW is after years and years of the game getting nerfed into oblivion and beyond.

This is the only mmorpg where to get BIS I have to trade in the market, do you think it is normal? In NO OTHER mmorpg I had to think about trading in order to progress. I want to play. After a stressful day at work, I don’t feel like doing maths on trading, or farming and selling materials, seeing when they cost less to make money because there is NO OTHER WAY to progress in this game.

In every other mmorpg, farming was there but it was an activity.
Let’s take wow to give an example that we all know, there to have BIS items, if you did pvp, you made arenas, bg, to have tokens and buy the set. You farmed yes, but a content that you liked, you did activities. If you were a pve player, you farmed dungeons, you had to farm them, but it was a game activity.

In years and years on wow, and other mmorpgs, I have never had to sell or buy at auction in order to get BIS. And in no other mmorpg I felt the need to have a lot of gold to have BIS. It was enough for me to simply play, play and play, even play the same content a thousand times, but it was PLAY.

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Guys you playing mmo and you dont want to farm and only pvp. Maybe csgo ? only fraging


You really didn’t understand what pay to win is. This can only be the case if there is the possibility to buy advantages over non-paying players directly in the game for real money.
In every game there are illegal ways to buy ingame currency for real money.

No Other way to progress than to buy ingame money for real money, omg! Maybe run some Expeditions and get you BiS items dropped.

you buy gear from peaple ho farmed dungeons. Why you dont do that ?

also on wow there are gold sellers, but in years, I have never felt the need to buy gold, or even to amass gold, because you didn’t buy the BIS items at auction, you had to earn them by playing (doing dungeons, raid, pvp or other) but YOU EARNED THEM PLAYING, not buying them. Here you can get BIS items by buying gold.

I’m not talking about buying gold from a gold seller, but about how essential it is to have a lot of gold in order to progress, rather than doing activities to earn the items.

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Do dungeons earn that gear and you wont need to buy. But personally in this game gold is easy to obtain.

You don’t need a single cent in this game to get BiS items. Just play expeditions or farm the mats and craft the gear.
That’s what they do, from whom you would buy the stuff in the trade post.

Simple, because I always preferred to earn the items, making the contents myself, So instead of buying the items, I preferred to do dungeons, raids or whatever, have fun, and earn the loot.

Before NW, in many mmorpgs (I have been playing them since 2002) I have NEVER felt the need to accumulate gold, because gold has never been the main, if not the only, way to obtain BIS items.

This greatly discouraged gold selling. On wow the people I knew were buying gold, to buy mounts, not to have BIS items. People who wanted BIS items had to sweat like everyone else, and do activities like everyone, regardless of how much gold they had.

This is not the case here

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it feels like complaining about thing witch never existed and solution is obvious

I have 250k gold and the most I have spent on an item was 156k gold. Casual player playing on and off. Don’t play in a guild, never engaged in RMT. Just do some dungeons, farm some POI’s or resources. I farm resources to craft asmodeum 1-2 hours a day over a week or 2 and I will be able to craft asmodeum for weeks afterwards.

Oh, one more thing: Don’t buy expensive items from the TP. At the rate this game is changing, it’s not worth it. I only purchased a weapon which I know will help me regardless if they change the perks, but the rest of the armor is purple and it’s more than enough if you know what your build needs.

If this game is pay to win, WOT is an extortion

SO why you are not farming dungeons ???

Are you serious? With the absurd RNG present, I have been crafting for months, and have not been able to get a SINGLE BIS item. I gave up on crafting, and not just me. Only I quit the game, others paid gold sellers and bought BIS items at 700k each.

So much so that all of them had to leave their guilds, and create their own guild just to have all that money.

does a game that forces you to create one man guilds seem normal to you, in order to have the money to buy ESSENTIAL items?

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Because in the dungeons they don’t drop BIS items, I do them, and I do them very willingly, even if I’m pvp player, but I have NEVER found anything useful. Indeed I am very happy, that they added the matter of the dungeons, so I was able to craft those few things, which unfortunately I have NEVER been able to loot in the dungeons (because of my total bad luck in the RNG).

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You complain that BiS items are so expensive. Say in the same breath that you would love to just run expeditions and get upset about the RNG on drops and crafting. Do you think the items that are sold for so much gold fall from the sky?

The solution for me would be simple:

  1. remove RNG from crafting and do as in any other MMORPG where you know exactly what you are going to craft, but you can’t craft it right away because there are time gates, so progress in having BIS is sure but slow. Currently here it is fast but uncertain, all fruit of luck. If you’re lucky you get BIS on the first try, if you’re unlucky, you don’t get them even after a year of trying.

  2. Make the BIS 600 items not salable, so the player is forced to drop them in dunegons, or in other loot or craft them. This way, no one has an incentive to buy gold or farm gold, just to buy BIS items. (as it happens in all other mmorpg, where the best gear is not tradable)

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