NW is on the right way again?

Hi there!
Sorry for my poor english!

I played last time in December.
I didnt like 1.0.2 and 1.0.3 so i left.
I saw tha patchnotes in the past and what to say i was not happy about what i read, until a weak ago.

I start to belive again a bit with the Server fix, merges, craft xp boost, change of traveling cost.

As i see you make your decisisons more on player feedbacks now and you make minor changes instead of big ones like “Feedback: Remove Tax!” “Patch: Lower taxes a bit” and it is just fine.
There is still a lot to do but i hope you guys can make it once.

My comeback list is something like:

  1. Server Fix
  2. Bug Fix
  3. Solve tax problem (No more Swiss bank clans around)
  4. Solve item problems (Random perk mess both in loot and crafting)
  5. Solve Territory Standing mess.
  6. Some QOL feature have to be added mostly in storage, market.
  7. Less timegate in progress or what to say less boring grind.
    Grind is fine if it gives you challenge but if it is not more than a timekiller booring thing, well people will stop doing it.

See you!

  1. Maybe? Let’s see how the latest merges work.
  2. That is still being worked on.
  3. Still got swiss bank companies. Taxes cost less for players now though.
  4. Some item problems got fixed, new ones popped up. This is also being worked on.
  5. I’m not sure what’s at fault here but I think they addressed something with standing a while back.
  6. There’s now a list of perks on the trading post but that’s about it.
  7. Timegates seem to be a favoured way to gate content here so I would not expect it to go away if it hasn’t by now.

I hope this was easy to understand!

You better not come back.

Lol dont be stupid coming back, just install lost ark buddy

no they just destroyed the only way a light armor player can survive nerfing rapier so no.

far from right way

I thought it was medium too. Lol. Because medium technically has 3 dodges by default.

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