NW isnt new player friendly


Are you looking at a stat based on the million players who bought the game a year ago, tried it and quit? Or basiing on the current leveling that takes (average) of 30hours play, with the first 25 (ish) levels actually being pretty good (an actual storyline instead of inane fetch-quest rinse-repeat)?

Not that I am defending the OP as I am fine with the expertise system etc. but this is NOT the easiest leveling system since most of the other main stream mmos you get the gear ilvl/gs based on the content. Example in WoW. If you do heroic raiding, you will get that set ilvl no matter what ilvl you are. (fyi ilvl in WoW is the same as GS in NW) You are not gated to having items be lower gear score than that same item to someone with a higher expertise in that item.

Same with SWTOR, FFXIV, etc. are all like WoW’s.

Having said this, I kind of like different systems. It is a nice change and the Expertise system has improved a lot. But overall to call this system one of the easiest when pretty much no other mmo gates your gear like that I have to strongly disagree on as realistically it is more of pain then a guild carrying you in a farmed raid to make your ilvl jump insanely high right away.

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Just spitting this out here but maybe allow Umbral Shards in upgrading expertise too instead of only being able to use it on items/weapons you hit 600 expertise on.

I know obviously then people can easily rush to bump most if not all items to 600 because of shard buying etc. but maybe make the cost then more for items under 600 expertise.

as someone who has leved two other alts to 60, the 500-600 grind feels utterly pointless. It delays the game for no reason every piece of gear between 500-600 feels meaningless. The most efficient way to grind out expertise is to just spam regular Genesis. It’s not fun, it’s just a huge time sink.

And let’s not forget how cumbersome weapon leveling is. Weapon leveling should be so much better inside dungeons and it simply isn’t. The best way to level weapons is to spam the pirate’s cove still and run in circles for 4 hours. Again, not interesting gameplay and a huge waste of time.

AGS has a big track record with this game in making mechanics that aren’t fun but big wastes of time to delay the fact that there is no substantial end game. The PVE end game consists of mutations which you grind to do more mutations that don’t actually get more difficult they just become gear checks, ensuring you have the right number attached to your character.

AGS needs to invest in real content, not arbitrary grinds that lead to nowhere. This has been a complaint since beta and the mistake keeps happening over and over again.


Quoted for the truth.

Thank you, your post is on point.

Add some PVP updates while your at it

Ngl I didn’t mind the grind to 600 gs as it was pretty quick with gypsum orbs. I think I did it from a fresh 60 in 10 days playing 1-3 hours a day.

600-625 with shards is pretty painful imo since you can only upgrade individual pieces of gear instead of gaining the gear score permanently like you do on your way to 600.

Some 600 gs faction armor would be pretty nice imo :stuck_out_tongue:

Of all the things still wrong with the game, getting from 500 to 600 expertise is not one of them. This is now possible via so many different methods and can be achieved so quickly, even 100% solo, you have no right complaining about it.

Where the game begins to fall down is after that point. And honestly not at all if you’re just into PVE.

What is the point of it though?

It’s not fun. It’s a dumb artificial progression to just keep the players locked in.

I have every right to be complaining about it.

Until GS 525 (or is it 535) I did faction missions and bought the gear from the shop. I did it all the way up until 60. But that shop has been abandoned by AGS in favorism of PvE. Why?

Faction missions brought at least some life into the open world, that expertise system just solidfied NW as a chest running game.


Elder Scrolls Champion Point Grind is hell, purely intended for longevity and if you did want to grind it, its hardcore. I have done it on Console and PC.

Plus in Elder Scrolls your characters can share banks, items etc. So you don´t make one character, you make 9 or 16 in some cases. It adds up. Its a monster grind, but for me NW is simple, hit 60 in a day, got all my GS up to 600 in under a month and I am a casual player. I have 2 jobs and still got my levels up to an already decent level.

I solo too, don´t do expeditions, harvest and run world tours on gear now. But I imagine they will just raise the GS gradually through updates, which will then be identical to ESO Champion System.

Make sure to also have a look at

Eg start with this thread on the forum :wink:

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I’m gonna let you in on a secret.

There is a whole new zone that you unlock at 60 called brimstone sands. The solo quests give you literal dozens of gypsum orbs and 14000+ umbral shards. they are all soloable. You also have quests in shattered mountain that give gypsum orbs.

I started a new character when I came back for the BS update and I leveled from 0-60 and got 600+ gs in 3 weeks.

Now, you can make an argument that it’s hard to find low level mutation groups if you’re on a bad server.

But the grind from 500-600 is not an issue.

If a couple week grind is too much for you then I don’t think MMOs are your kind of game

As for the 625 gear part. Why would anyone choose ancient gear first over corruption gear? Literally half the dungeons are corruption. If you leveled ancient first thats your own fault

This. I just recently came back to the game and since I’m a person who didn’t feel right jumping in on my level 60 character I started over. Got to 60 in around 4 days and while the last few times I looked into New World before returning I wasn’t sure about the whole expertise system. It looked the same as the Watermark system to me, which obviously sucked at launch. It’s been less than 2 weeks since I hit 60 and I’m nearly at 625 on most of my kit. Nowhere near a hardcore player either. It’s literally built from the ground up to encourage players to reach endgame and assist them in doing so.


U confuse MMO with MOBA or FPS games.

Plenty of us started over on fresh start servers and dont had any issue.
Expertise system its much more easier and faster than it was on release. Basically I made 600 expertise within few days only because I’ve been lazy. U can surely do it in 1-2 days.

Now if u expect to get it while chatting in game or on forum instead of do something in game … this is different story.

The one change that would fix this is cross-server expedition queues. I just got an alt to 621 GS and the only part that wasn’t borderline too quick was lower/mid mutations. They just aren’t there.

The only way to retain players for longer than a few months is the following things:

  • Cross Server Expeditions
  • Making All Expeditions Soloable (No group required)
  • Redesign Group Finder to be a Regular Dungeon Finder that Automatic puts people together who have signed up for a specific dungeon of own choice
  • Making it Possible to Get Expertise From All Chests
  • Let Skins on the Cash Shop, Stay in the Shop (Don’t Remove Them)

This is only suggestions, but i think we all can agree on alot has been won - if they actually listen and change/fix this

I agree with OP. The expertise system is a grind system over grind. Is unnecessary and brings nothing.

But they can not take it out because it is too late. That’s never gonna happen.

But don’t forget to tell your friends that it is worst than they thought. Because if they decide to change build then they will need to farm more umbral shards to level up that new gear / part.

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This. Join trains and you’ll level your expertise in a few days <3

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