[ NW ] its downfall and potential resurrection, summarised!

((Forget the Bugs and Exploits, imagine if it was bug free please))
At present if they don’t change systems this current installment of the game is nothing but an experiment between the casual and dedicated playerbase and judging by the reactions from these forums and other platforms that ain’t looking too pretty.
The game seriously lacks ANY competition, the concept doesn’t even exist to a degree, I’m sure some or a lot of you will share my opinion and I’m sure there will be a lot of forum warriors on here who have gently played the game and won’t yet grasp these issues.

This, is the summary of NW:


  • good graphics with great scaling of assets

  • good performance that’s able to handle a lot of players

  • Action orientated combat with aim, block and dodge filling a much needed hole in the mmo genre, much like BDO, it drives a hammer into the tab target systems of old, naturally favoring skill over spamming skills correctly to win + it just looks and feels better

  • Pretty good early phase of the game, every asset of the world feels like it’s for your benefit, skin a boar, chop a tree, pick a stone and go back to the fireplace and reap the rewards.

  • World setting and theme feels great, Dungeons actually feel like dungeons, sounds and music are good.

  • Owning a property feels special, a welcome relief to have a free or low Azoth teleport and the furniture and deco aspect is welcome with a little bit of competition for who gets to show their property off! Gaining more storage spaces feels like your accelling at the management.

CONS (Couldn’t help but joke, try and see past it…)

  • Factions are severely lacking in purpose, most of your time in Atternum will be spent with members from all 3 sides until an instanced war begins. Bonuses from your faction winning are extremely slim, only reducing your gold sink and increasing your rng ever so slightly via an incredibly low luck boost.
    Factions are sullied again, do you enjoy PvE’ing with your allies? no need with NW systems! you can enjoy the delights of Myrkgard and anywhere else with everyone! no need for squabbles or “toxcity” just party with randomer’s and go! Are there over 50+ of you at the spawns, don’t worry, just tag a mob and “you get a drop, YOU get a drop, EVERYONE GETS A DROP” (shutup Oprah!).

  • Too much reward, drops and resources are so plentiful that the marketplace is pretty much full of everything you require and at affordable prices or at an insanely cheap price. There is little to no competition to be had from the economy or crafting.
    Economy and crafting is shattered again by the chests acquired from Wars and OR, missing a 600 gs weapon? don’t worry about that, don’t call the crafters or rely on your grinding, Destiny 1/2…{cough!} I mean ‘New World’ has your back!

  • “PvP” Faction Missions need to be renamed “scouting missions” because your chances of finding PvP are slim to none, outside ofc when your faction is organising territory control attempt and you can enjoy the zerg whenever that happens and skill as you know is never needed in such a setting, enjoy repeatively spamming your left clicks and great axe “bombs” to your heart’s content!

  • Outpost Rush is a decent, should be further improved by the bugs being rectified BUT the problem with this game mode is that it takes players away from the open world, thereby removing a postive feature from NW, seeing/interacting/partying with players.
    Got time to play before the afternoon? damn, server’s looking pretty quiet aren’t they…you better queue for OR, stop whining!

  • Crafting once you’ve settled into the game, becomes obsolete until you hit at least over 150 skill in it and then you’re competeting with everyone on what little key crafts can be obtain from each crafting proffession. The amount of lost content (recipes) before 150 skill is deeply upsetting, honestly enough to make a grown man cry. It has to be one of the most rushed crafting systems in mmo history, you fancy an infused health potion? got 1000’s of them, will help you stock up m8!

  • Town board quests have ruined meaningful progression and are nothing but a cheap thrill to complete what you feel needs completing…“obviously lvl 60! I’ve had enough of this lack of story and quest malarky already!”

  • Onto Story and Quests…well I don’t really need this but I’m sure I could drag the average quest mmo player to let them tell you how dire it is.
    My main gripe with it is that questing is also an avenue of learning, which NW puts barely an effort in for you, for example it could of told you about the benefits of the faction shop and how to change attributes on your armor, provided you with an example. No such quest systems in NW, you are left to research and google/youtube.

  • Camps feel like a totally incomplete system, now some of you might be fans of seeing many of them, “welcome to the Gypsy Campsite” kind of thing but I can’t help feeling a sense of incomplete by the whole thing. Not only is there no point of using their crafting benefit but wouldn’t it be awesome to have a simple mount system in game, just simple horses or donkeys to help you carry stuff along and you need to use these to recover your tames stamina + giving you a great sense of immersion resting in them…NO, it’s just a respawn point, quit dreaming!

  • Wars, need to be reworked slightly, the 3 control points first needed to even begin attacking the fort are not only slightly too easy to defend but hindering other strategies and classes outside of those are can take a lot of pressure. This is meant to be one of the main appeals of NW but it needs proffesional revision by good gamers, find them AGS.

[ NW’s RESSURECTION and into the realms of an actual MMO experience]
From discord activity of 5 large groups I’m seeing a mass exodus on the horizon and it began slowly a few days ago, the dedicated playerbase are shelving it or “taking a break until it resolves itself”. We can hope, because honestly, I don’t think it will be too much to rectify the problems with a good lead at the helm of AGS.

/ ** Re-release and admit the screw ups **
/ Have a serious and responsible look into resource and gear drop quauntities as to not make a joke out of the economy and crafting.
/ Slow this crafting system down, I think all the content prior to 150 skill is juicy and someone must of been payed to develop that…just a guess.
/ Increase the server caps beyond 2000 as the server doesn’t have enough like minded players inside it plus it’s too quiet currently, rethink of reworking your node resource system as a result.
/ Outpost Rush should be an addition and a main part of the game, keep people in the world and have a serious think about at what times or circumstances that should be avaliable!

and finally…

Introduce… (keep the Toxcity police away from me now!), a PK system (reeee!)…
that makes the Open World actually meaningful, Lineage 2 style PK system (if you don’t flag, no one will want to hurt you, I swear!!!), one that HEAVILY PUNISHES PEOPLE WHO KILL.
All I’m interested in is having more people around, I want PvP faction missions to actually be something everyday, without the whole faction knowing, I want company skirmishes to happen out of nowhere, for something over a bit of meaning because it’s fun!
Just provide guilds with player kill rankings and have title rewards and the like from it.

Thank you for reading this, especially the strict PvE only community, I mean no offense to the way you enjoy games but there’s no appeal for a large demographic that you’re choosing to ignore.

goodbye AGS, until you change at least. I wouldn’t bother writing this if I didn’t see potential, so wp for that, now get to it!

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Content is a problem. Right now it’s just grinding gear score for the sake of it. Houses are for storage and trophies which makes houses geared towards crafting and storing crafting materials but otherwise a tremendous fucking waste of money. Balance? What balance? Shit changes every few days. Perks, skills, and buffs are all borked. Most of that shit I could deal with except for watermark farming. I’d rather slam my dick in a car door than do more of that stupid shit for hours.


Watermark…well what a brilliant new term added to the mmo genre at least :smiley:

That ties in with the plenty of drops point I made, the system is just barmy! what is the point in 99% of the crafting content with it, there’s just no difficulty, no challenge and nothing to work in the game. A new player lvl 20 player could easily afford my most valuable drop with the way the economy is at right now!

We’ve played the longest “beta” going, this is going to turn ugly for Amazon’s rep if they don’t bother their arse to shut it down and sort it out!

this game has no soul. all i am feeling like “why i am doing this rn?”.


The why is so important.

I’ve defended a territory of ours since server launch, I’ve made friends and we’ve made allies within our faction but I had to give it up in an instant, there is just little appeal to competing from anything as the system is simply not set up proffesionally enough.

If a competitive country and well versed mmo culture like South Korea had the rights to launch this product they would not launch it, not in a million years, not at least until there are revisions to many key aspects.

So the exact system we have now - if you don’t flag I can’t kill you. Great!

Oh, that’s not what you meant? You meant that if you don’t flag I can still kill you but I suffer some “penalty” for doing so? You meant forced flagging with a penalty system?

Good luck, I - completely unironically and not at all sarcastically - hope you find a game that better suits your desired playstyle.

Not at all.

I would be able to murder you but I would be in deep shit and risk something valuable to me, while all that’ll happen to you is that you’ll be slightly inconvienenced by having to return to a camp respawn and you’re free to shout for faction or get your guild members to slaughter me and get the reward.

But, why, in the god damn first place would I ever want to touch you if you haven’t pissed me off? There would be little logic to it.

Also, if someone hits you, for a laugh, or to annoy you, they are free to be killed by anyone with no cost to their PK status.

And I hope you haven’t banked on NW lasting for longer than 2 months because I think you’re in for a rude awakening.

Got it, forced flagging, no thanks. This?

LMAO, do you understand why this is no longer a force-flagged game? Because people with no reason to slaughtered lowbies for laughs.

and like I said:

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LMAO, do you understand why this is no longer a force-flagged game? Because people with no reason to slaughtered lowbies for laughs.

Ye they kill any noobies and I’ll strip them of their belongings, men slaughter the boys and then this will be simple gg. Unfortunetly with no price tag on anything due to the economy being screwed players are at no risk of losing anything but anyway :smiley:

No convincing you of anything exciting, imagine if there were 100’s of you just standing near the same node in the map contesting over who presses E first…I’d like a picture of the pinnacles of that mmorpg experience xD

A good summary. It feels more like a test game than a finished game. Its economy is way too complex to be polished easily.

One thing I will disagree with you on. Open world PVP and PVE will never cohabit lovingly on an MMO server. As long as an unflagged player can follow me and report my location to flagged players without recourse its never going to work.

There has to be something conceived to satisfy the itch of an open world, where atm you just collect hemp and the like, it’s dry. All I can think of is company vs company wars out in the open over something and ‘Territory conflict’ events that when active benefit outdoor PvP in some way, spawn random elites all over the place that can only be hurt by flagged and make it worth like there’s something to contest over PvP wise, offer a port out option for people not interested and make the areas of the map where its happening not cover the fishing spots or any common quest areas.

So basically we’re still in opt in but with more meat on the table for those that need it, obviously there’s going to be cries that they will be some reward gained that is more optimal or unique against solely PvE’ing but what choice is there, besides while PvP’ers are wasting time with their thing they can get on with other optimal things on the PvE scope.

If this was a pvp server the hemp fields would be known as “the killing fields”.

I am absolutely looking forward to pvp only servers if they happen.

You obviously did not play alpha.


How butt hurt can you be! Calm. Down.

NW, never had a proper PK system in place, there are systems to be made that make PvP a game about morales and justice, if you don’t know of the PK systems from a popular game like Lineage 2 then I can’t help you, you’ll just keep barking on like some Parrot who’s seen too much trouble and must block it at all costs without any solutions.

Let’s make it very clear.

WE, DO, NOT, WANT, YOUR, SUPER, CARE, BEAR, GAME. Players are mass leaving, an action mmorpg has no action, everything I’ve said is correct and you can’t argue with me on it.


We can, you’re just not willing to consider anything but “This game should be the Western Lineage 2” so yes…discussing it with you any further is indeed…

“I do not want to opt into PvP blah blah blah”.

There is no arguing with you because you refuse to take a games mechanics in, you’re playing football with your son and his friends but then you say “can you tell everyone to get off the grass, I need some alone time”.

How can a blatant “I refuse” be in the realm of any compromise? Get back on FF14, a fake mmo and a sequel to the franchise, where you’re fully protected, where you’re all “a community” and play mini games and dance in mansions. (and sorry if this is an offense to anyone but it’s true and you know it, each to their own.).

Bye. Some people can’t have discussions, and you’re one of them. We’re done here.

For me there just is a lack of a sense of achievement. You grinded your watermark for hours killing the same 2 priests in myrk to 600……yay

You beat both end game dungeons without much effort……yay

Crafted voidbent (Which turns out is pretty much crap)……yay

You got 200 crafting now you get to roll the dice and hope you get half decent rolls……yay

You won a war even though everyone looked like they were standing still for half of it….yay

I dunno, there just isn’t that “HELL YEA!” Feeling.

Yep indeed.

Say in BDO, there was a lot of “HELL YEA!” to that which NW doesn’t have.

The only thing BDO did wrong is the cash shop, where I go “HEEEELLLL NAH!”.

100% agree, when you hit that PEN or win a war, you definitely feel that “HELL YEA” feeling. NW just lacks all sense of achievement and feeling. It’s like a lifeless doll.