[ NW ] its downfall and potential resurrection, summarised!

Well even the launch period, which I still remember as the best 3 months I’ve ever had out of over 15 years of mmo’ing due to being in a great group in VC on discord that was always positive from the games vibe, it was mind-blowing when it released obviously we’ve seen nothing like it.

I loved farming Ogre’s, then that drop hits and you’re hard work has payed off and it’s great, had a few looking after the horse moments but ye xD PvP was class, doing Guild Missions automatically brought people together, such a simple thing but good!
A lot of things about the experience felt great, shame it missed a fair few mmo mechanics and systems or it would of been the best.

Life-less doll is correct, the game clearly wasn’t engineered in the fashion it came out in.

I did play UO way back in the day and the murder system was awesome. You went red and there was only 1 city (Buccaneer’s Den) where you were allowed to go. Was an awesome system. Problem was reds didn’t care anymore and if anything it made them grief even more. If you want more danger play on Valhalla. That’s the pvp wild west server.

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A good MMO should make you feel something while playing. BDO was an emotional roller coaster and it was amazing, because you were so invested into the game. You cared about the things you were doing and they had meaning. With WoW you feel something the first time you clear that mythic dungeon with your friends. FFXIV same thing, you feel something when you play it.

NW….you don’t feel anything really. So you lost a war….ok…cool…700 gold

You won a war….ok……well….cool……700 gold.

Did either matter much? No not really.

I still remember the adrenaline rush, the fear, the hesitation before going for that PEN at 60 failstacks.

Always good to hear a UO user, although unfortunately I joined later and there wasn’t a great deal of PvP then but I loved how much depth there was with the crafting and PvE’ing with my 2 best m8’s, I’m very fortunate to have that circumstance, like Terraria is way better with friends and that’s already great on its own.

Would of played more UO if I wasn’t addicted to Legend of Mir 2 when I was younger, nice diablo-esk mmo. I just play Tekken for PvP, that series holds a very special place in my heart that I can always crawl back to if I’m bored, it’s the most honest PvP experience you can get and always has been.

I knock FF14 but I very much enjoyed the lvling system, I can just automatically see that the end game systems…aren’t really strong mmo aspects at all, I’d like to just leave it at that…lvled to cap and quit it immediately, thought “fuck this” xD

Ye WoW is some good companionship, obviously it invests the players in, it takes a lot of care into giving your something to play with or read etc.

I’d refer to NW…as a Destiny mmorpg (different setting ofc), I mean, NW is practically instanced, from wars, to outpost rush, it is basically a FPS with crates and money and like Destiny there’s barely any meat to the game in terms of dialogue and story.
It’s horrific how out of touch they are to release this, we all though maybe the beta isn’t showing the full game, maybe there’s something more to it? Nope, that was it.


Don’t make me remember failstacks please, I don’t want to combine items again, I just want to buy! xD

UO was great pvp but if all pvp all the time is your forte I still think World of Tanks is king.


Halo 2 was one of the biggest breakthrough’s in PvP gaming, can’t think of something with more depth though right now…

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