NW makes me demotivated, here's why

Hey fellas, wanna tell you a short story about why NW demotivates me to play and I’m curious to hear your opinions.

First of all, I enjoy the game, playing at least 6 hours each day withoud weekends. PVP is a little annoying, but I found something to have fun with, like grinding 3-4 hours to have some profit and buy kinds of stuff in the game. Last time I bought 2 major skinning trophies and 2 houses, and bla bla bla, that’s not interesting at all.

About 3 days ago, I tried to place 8000 iron hide for 0.04 per hide, and after I entered the price and hit to place an order I had a little freeze in the game and the commission was changed to 38k (do not remember exactly, it was from 35-39k) and placed successfully with 38k gold deduction :slight_smile: . I had a feeling that any players would have after this. 8 HUNDRED HIDE was placed for 340g each. (normally, I don’t experience any kind of freezes, only lags from the server ).

Yea, 38k is not a small amount, and it needs to grind like a whole 2 or maybe 3 days with nonstop farming. I immediately searched for the NW support center, talked to the support guy, he created a ticket for me to the devs team. And today I’ve got this message :

After reading this, I was Like WHAAT ? I placed 8000 iron hide for 340g each, paid 38k commission and confirmed? :slight_smile: That’s ain’t no funny James, mate.

I need your opinion guys about my story and what should I do? I have no desire to open the game… Did not open it today as well that never happened after the game has released

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I would uninstall the game most likely. That’s harsh and I feel bad for you. You will have to decide how much you like the game and if you want to grind it back.


The support staff lives in bangfucknowhere and frankly if I did I would have a hard time giving a fuck about some dude in NA too.

They are 100% useless and are quite literally only there to re-read the rules to you and tell you to plug your modem in. You could be like “I got hacked and dude blew up my computer”, support staff comes back with “PLEASE PROVIDE SCREEN SHOT AND LOGS” fucking save yourself the 1$/hour amazon and just pull the plug, totally useless.


The whole problem is that they can’t imagine themselves as a player/costumer… only what they can do is templated sentences and useless answers…

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ty for your support. ill quit for some time, I don’t like how those things go on, they really don’t care about a problem…

We all make mistakes in TP… suck it up and move on and don’t be in such a rush next time… Make sure you delete the price shown and enter it in whole numbers including the bit after the “.”…

I did it, to be honest… TP froze and the price was refreshed to 340 bro …

I am not the one to ask, kind sir. I would most likely quit. I’ve quit for lesser losses in this game. I feel like there should be a “play at your own risk” warning on the box.

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Ive made horrendous mistakes too… but at the end of the day, its not real money, it’s just a game and I love playing it… So I swallow the medicine and continue and learn. TP I always take my time with just in case the game does stutter (I play US East from Australia so suffer from ping times and lag)… but it does happen and I move forward and forget about it after an hour or so.

I think if this was seen by the right support person, eventually you’d get your cash back, but pretty low on the totem pole because you fat-fingered 0.04 into 340.00.

Sounds like you’re the type of dude that knows how to make money. Losing 38k sucks, but if you find the game enjoyable, you’ll get it back in no time and you’ll laugh about this in 13 years.

What’s to prevent it from happening again? And it’s really suspicious a sudden freeze (lag spike?) would adjust your transaction that’s already inputted.
You decide if you want to roll the dice again and lose even more.
Maybe video it next time you have a transaction and see if they will help you.

Steam says I’ve played all of 0.2 hours over the last two weeks. Don’t play this fuckfest. Come back when they fix the mess.

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If that would happen to me and I get the response like you did, that will be the final nail in the coffin and I’ll stop playing new world. There’s so many other games to play out there and AGS tested our patience long enough.

Have fun with future games! Dying light 2 is coming out, there’s more and more games on game pass.


The support in this game is truly garbage. That is no exaggeration.

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You messed up, it happens. I dont see the point in blaming the support folks for something that you did.

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I’d walk away from the game permanently.

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Come play eso. It’s a great game.

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I lost 2k because of the same mistake and you know what? It was MY MISTAKE and only I’m responsible for it. Stop blaming support or someone else except yourself for YOUR mistakes. Try to check what you are doing first of all and what/how you are posting on TP. I made those 2k back in no time and just moved on to making even more gold. Even though its a big loss and I admit it, its your fault and no one else should be responsible for that.

Unlikely lag magically changed the amount. Never heard of this happening to anyone else. You made an expensive mistake.

He obv just put ‘,’ instead of ‘.’ and not noticing it placed an order.