NW needs to have at least one Game Master per world

Some problems in this game are pretty obvious like in every other MMO RPG…
Players don’t behave or there is the bot problem.
I think GMs would help a lot and I don’t think there shouldn’t be any.
As an example WoW does that and it also have giant behind it’s back.
Content is one thing, but I think AGS should really think about that.
Also adds nice human factor to the entire thing.

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I think 1 per region would end up being more than enough after the initial issues were sorted out. People have been requesting this since the start of the game :slight_smile:

One per region might be enough.
The thing is like you said, people have been requesting it since launch…
But I think this topic is being overlooked by AGS or at least it looks like.

If the community managers would have “helping sheriffs” that already collect some video proof in advance, this could also save a lot of time without giving the helpers any special ingame powers that could be abused. As a conclusion, one day per week per world would be totally fine. We are not speaking about huge economical or human ressource investments compared to the damage that is caused at the moment.

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