NW: Top 5 MMO of 2021 and rising!

According to Steam, NW is the 4th game most played right now.

According to MMO-POPULATION, NW has 17M players and 1.7M active daily.

“But the drop went from 900k to 120k!”

Sure, CONCURRENT players dropped in the first week cuz not enough servers. But that’s 1.7M daily players, that play 30 minutes here and there, are not necessarily during the rush hours of the evening.


Game was fun until level 60.


Another that doesn’t understand what concurrent players mean. 9 out of 10 will not play many hours in a day, buddy


It’s unreal how difficult concurrent vs daily players is to comprehend. It baffles me.

It’s not that hard. They must not be vaccinated.


In my opinion, the effort the community and the staff is putting into the game within such a short time makes me really optimistic about the future. Besides the fact that i just really enjoy the core principles of the game, it clearly needs and will improve.

The argument about the “current” player count, regardless of arguments against or in-favour of AGS and New World, really does not do much for me. In my opinion, we just do not have trustworthy enough data for that.


Another that doesn’t understand you need people to play with on a server. GGs buddy. Go play warzone for a bit :slight_smile:


That’s when the game officially starts. Pre 60 is just a demo.


Ah yes, spending 30 minutes to kill trash for +5 Iron Cartridges is my idea of end-game value.


Oooof How dare I post Live Server statistics! Shame on me!


Yea because EVERY kill must have some amazing loot.

First RNG based mmo? RNG is grind based. If you think NW is bad, go play Runescape. :rofl:


OP clearly didn’t do any research on the mmo population website before making this post.

He actually thinks their numbers are accurate lol :joy:


Excuse me child.

I’ve been playing MMOs since Everquest and Ultima Online. Do not assume you can even school me on RNG based MMOs.

Come back and talk to me after you’ve spent the better part of 4 days grinding Mourningdale chests for trophy upgrades that you cant even place in your house.

I agree, NW has a major server population problem. And 90% of the worlds don’t have enough players during rush hours.

Yes, absolutely.

The main problem is that AGS didn’t finish the coding on facilitating server merges, after they added so many.

That will be solved in the coming weeks.

So, NW is not dead, 90% of the worlds are not busy enough during main playing hours. That’s true.


The problem is, there isn’t one “main problem” there are several large problems that all justify and warrant being “main problems”

I just looked at the merged servers, the population at night was 394 players . . .


Been doing that for a while myself fella.

If you’re used to RNG based MMOs, then why are you on the forums complaining about crappy loot?

Also, I’ve done a shit ton of chests. LOTS, all I’ve really got to show for it was armorer journals and stacked deck. Regents are nice…but yea…

Only real complaint I have is lack of places to farm. Especially if you wanna do something solo. Same SM route gets dull, when your purpose is to repeatedly reset mobs so you can sneak between em and snag a chest.

Because this isn’t 1998. This isn’t Everquest launching their first expansion. This isn’t vanilla WoW launch. We aren’t in the early 2000s.

There are core mechanics missing from typical MMOs. Ever heard of Neverwinter? Played the F outta that game and its definitely got major pay to win aspects, time-gates etc but the grind felt worth it.

Here, tell me what anything means? Is there a substantial difference in player power as a result of engaging with these horrid time-gates and grinds? You must really be a masochist to want to run SM, Malevolence, Imperial Palace over and over and over again only to get rewarded with +5 iron cartridges.

But its okay you know, apparently I have no experience with an RNG based MMO.



For sure lots of room for improvement.

Guess that’s what happens when a 6 year project gets suddenly changed within the last year of development. Trying to stay optimistic for the future. Guess the next few months will determine the ultimate future for the game.

Hoping rumors of them doubling the map is true. Also hoping for a larger variety of enemy types…and more shit to do…with less bugs.

Time will tell.

Also, no reason to be so hostile. From my perspective you’re just another whiney person on the forums, complaining about how grindy the game is. Game has attracted lots of people that weren’t used to this specific RNG style. Figured you were one of em 🤷

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My guild lost 80-90% of its people (including me, actually), most likely forever. Many large guilds have left the game in its entirety. Many acquaintances from other guilds, from different servers observe similar.
We all play MMOs with someone.
You can interpret the numbers however you want, it doesn’t matter if your interpretation doesn’t match reality


Hostility begets hostility dude. This is the typical new world attitude and part of the problem with this community.

They start off being toxic / trying to flame someone, get flamed back and go :

"Also, no reason to be so hostile. "

This game had potential.


No it must be your lack of RNG mmo experience KEKW

Could not possibly be something related to the devs or this community as a whole!