NW: Top 5 MMO of 2021 and rising!

Congratulations :partying_face:

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Pvp up if you want those gathering bonuses kiddo

Feller, if I was trying to flame…it would be substantially more obvious lol. I’ve had my fair share of shit talking over the years. These days, I usually just chuck someone on the block list. CBA with flame wars anymore.

Questioning you’re experience with RNG style MMOs and telling you to stop crying about bad luck, is really all I’ve done.

Anyways this aint getting anywhere. Have a good day sir!

Na m8 you were being condescending for no reason and now you’re trying to act like he doesn’t understand what you did.
Top kek



Congratulations :partying_face:


Yup, like I said, it’s the typical attitude of the average New World player, which is why this game is really in trouble.

Bad core mechanics + bad community = no recovery.



Surely you’re not suggesting that on this game, there are way more active players than other games with similar concurrent player peaks, right?

I’m asking because if you think that, it has no basis.

All games have their peak hours and more players overall per day than that, it’s not like all other games have just their peak and are dead otherwise.

Having that stated, whether or not someone understands the concurrent players concept is in no way an indication that those pieces of data would be accurate, or that that game is the fourth most played game on steam(it most definitely isn’t lmao)

The fact of the matter is that new world is not “rising” in players, quite the opposite

The site you cited clearly says that they don’t really know, and that they rely on reddit subscribers to relevant subreddits to the games(what?!) to estimate how many players a game has
Source:About - MMO Populations & Player Counts

Now I’d believe a website that tracks actual players over reddit subscribers any day of the week. Most of reddit is just there to complain or meme anyway

You can somewhat judge the liveliness of a game compared to other games even if you look at the daily players of each, because all games typically have “rush hours”.

This number(peak per day) however is larger in mmos as a percentage of total per day, because mmos have people that grind things days on end, whereas if you play match based games, you’re more likely to get a few matches in and quit for the day

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Ok, back off. Yes, not enough people that play a lot, during the main gaming hours, on a world. Yes, but that solution is being deployed, gradually, cuz that’s new code.

So, that’s like complaining that your kitchen looks too hold when it’s being renovated.

NW, with 120k concurrent players is 5th on Steam too. So, that means that 6th and lower are more than dead?

Let’s wait for the merges, that’s the main problem. Then release more turkeys, and people will be happy. :slight_smile:

Back off from what? kek
I’m not complaining about anything, just pointed out a flaw in what I believe to be what you were suggesting.

And yes, I agree that the game itself is not dead(notice I didn’t call it dead, I said lowering in users, which it is(as opposed to the 1.7m fictitious players per day based on reddit subs)

I agree that merges might fix a big problem with the game, at least temporarely… But I still can’t find myself to agree with the notion that they’d only leave 2k players per servers on at launch to begin with.
If they’d have larger servers(with some sort of channel mechanism like on metin2 or later on layering on wow) then they could have started off with larger, fewer “servers” and not need to merge so fast.
Having them so small made sure that they’d die off fast, and while the game itself isn’t dead, quite a few servers are(let’s take EU central as an example, it has the most servers of all regions, and is pretty much at peak/close peak right now… 70-80% of it has under 200 players per server).

If my kitchen was being built since 2016 and it would still need renovating, you can be pretty sure I’d be pissed so it’s not the best comparison.
Also, it’s odd that we seem to see different statistics tbh, I see 106 peak today, 77k concurrent now… nr 8 on steam, not 5th with 120k players

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Oh, those people who get their data from subreddit numbers


Then why is almost every server dead with no company able to self fill wars?

Watermark is bs. AGS replacing content with grind.


Ok let me kill your dream here fanboy. If you look closer at pic that u posted and read the box with daily players you will realise that ot says that the number is a prediction based on the number of copies sold on release date.

Now moving away from dreaming thats your reality right now.

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Oh? You want to talk RNG based MMOSs? How about Black Desert Online?

That website is trash. It estimates EVERYTHING, there’s no real data behind it. Stop using it as a source.


Well, according to that chart they used to. People just aren’t anymore.


1/10 Try harder

I guess that’s good that it’s in the Top 5 MMOs of 2021, but . . . compared to what? WoW, WoW Classic/TBC, FF14, and Elder Scrolls I guess would be the fourth.

That’s kind of like opening a pizza shop that has 5 choices and bragging because your favorite is in the top five, but it’s not pepperoni or cheese lol.

Ah yes, look how much it’s ‘rising’…by burrowing into the earth in a complete downward trend. :rofl:

And here it is, having plummeted to 8th place.


Well well , even steam chart , didnt show the current state of player peak per a hours , so pls dont open this topic again , cuz nobody knows there is 100k per 1h or 500k , cuz every 1h that will be reset. So don’t try to split negative point , all sites copy pass from steam chart how it work (also dont forget 90% people are not playing more then 1-3h per day! 10% people are hardcore player , not everyone) , u can exactly see there >