NW: Top 5 MMO of 2021 and rising!

Why would I stop playing one crappy game to go to another crappy game. That argument that there is something worse just blows my mind. Nw is too grindy was the point. The response that there are more grindy games is ignorant.

Not only do you sound like the dullest dude at the party you’re definitely not the homie we calling to go to Vegas and gamble your Christmas bonus away with not a care in the world if you lose it because it’s not about winning it’s about the rush of life! The risk of consequences vs optimism and hope/dreams!

BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAH 17 million players and 1.63 million daily players??? TO THE MOON!!!

Stop spreading misinformation

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let them cope my friend, let them cope. They NEED this game.

I dont understand why people think 100k is a small number anyway. Servers can only hold 2k people. So whats the problem?

There was never 900k people playing anyway. Half of them were in the queue. The game started with like 200 servers? So only able to hold 400k people.

The numbers do nothing to support the claim in the title. New World is exclusive to Steam. Most MMOs are not so you can’t use Steam numbers to compare games.
MMO Population counts how many people are talking about the game on Reddit and other sites. You could have 100 people hop on Reddit and say don’t buy New World it isn’t good and MMO Population flags that as people playing.
You can use the Steam numbers to compare New World to New World and that is it. You can see if the game has gained or lost players but you can’t see how it does in relation to other games. You don’t have access to the appropriate data to make that call.

100k is enough

Welcome to reality

Do you seriously think that people play 24h or nothing?

And STEAM. Don’t mention STEAM, eh? What about STEAM?

I both love and hate this game, at the same time. But if they release daggers and the moveset is actually good, I’ll be fully in love with this game. As long as it’s full Dex Dagger/Bow will finally let me be the rogue that I want to be. If they make daggers something stupid like int, I am uninstalling the game immediately.

Question, those bashing MMO-Population, are you anti-covid or vaccinated? Just wondering if there is a link.

Does it matter? People literally posted MMO-Crapulation’s own statement saying their numbers are bullshit.
Does someone’s vax status mean anything, other than giving you a target to shoot at because you’re angry?

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All will be revealed in their financial reports…
Side note: MMO population as a source? :joy::joy::joy:


I thought about trying spear/daggers for the cc. Those skele reavers I think use daggers and we will get a few of those skills. Javelin into dagger lunge could be very very fun.

I could see spear/dagger being pretty powerful. Although I really think daggers needs to have the dash and jump moves of the ninja guys. One in each tree. Or maybe one tree is full mobility and one tree is all about stealth, maybe give that smoke cloud ability. Oh man the possibilities. I think daggers need to be the most mobile of the melee weapons for sure though, in this game.

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If you use such untrustworthy data sources in your argumentation chains, it doesn’t help to cite a legitimate source to compensate… your credibility and the whole thesis is worth nothing anymore :see_no_evil:

That probably says EVERYTHING about your rhetorical skills that needs to be known :rofl:

A little bit of trolling is nothing bad and sometimes quite entertaining but for that you need brains and feeling for language - two qualities which you clearly do not have - sorry - so only senseless babbling remains :wink:

Wildstar 2.0 but faster close server here …

Who is using MMO pop? No need for it when you have Steam charts for a 100% steam game. and Steam player tracking for the server pop sites and shit.

Fuck out of here with the MMO pop shit. No one cares about the world “concurrent” player BS. Every day valleys get deeper and peaks creep towards previous valleys. For anyone to say this game is not hemorrhaging players on a near daily basis would mean you’re not cognitively functioning. You’re on an emotional auto pilot putting yourself and others at risk of your inane lines of thought, diminishing their intellect.

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