NW: Top 5 MMO of 2021 and rising!

Sure… that’s why “wild star” is still ranked 39 with over 1 mio players… wait… wasn’t that shut down in 2018?! :rofl:



Finally a statement I can agree with! :wink:

Exactly. For sure, during the evening, it’s the 10% that play. Casual players have a family/heavy work life and will surely not play as much during busy hours.

As if the person that plays 30 minutes in the morning, before going to work, every day, is not an active player. It’s just fun to prove how wrong these people are, and see there reaction.

True. Game sort of dies at level 60. PvP is unbalanced and no fun and high level expeditions are too hard to get access to. So what is left is zerging chests and portals and that is neither fun nor challenging.

As for the numbers. The current snapshot shows that NW is still popular but the trend is clearly going down and until it stops, things does not look good for the future of this game.

It just doesn’t really add up but hey, I’m not about to stop anyone from believing what they want at this point.

/shrug, my server has been full of people having fun. I also think a lot of people logged in for this amazing patch.

As a whole in terms of all MMOs the New World launch and continued numbers are reflective of a very successful MMO. Despite all of the negativity associated with developers from other MMOs that are actively spreading false information online, the numbers of players consistent with a successful MMO are quite conclusive.

I’m not aware of any MMO outside of Steam that gives their concurrent player numbers. Most of them will give total sales or registered players but none of them show concurrent player numbers. This is telling in terms of how well MMO companies are doing. The develop teams of many MMOs actively seek to undermine other companies games by spreading false information online anonymously. It’s apparent when you witness the level of disinformation spread in forums.

Is this in the middle of the night? Either way we have some server merges going on.

The “players dropped in the first week” statement is wrong, in fact, the peak of 900k was at the end of first week IIRC.

Even yesterday, NW was the 8th game on Steam with the most concurrent users at one time, at 86k. First column is current, and second column is highest peak today.


That’s probably the reason why AGS is bing chilling while patching “content” no one ever asked for. Wouldn’t be surprised if they were resting assured “Ye, they complaining but will still come back”.

Think we need a global “NW free week” or something so they get a wake up call. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

People keep coming back cuz it has unique mechanics no other MMO has - but at same time it has the least/worst endgame content any MMO ever released, not to mention the bugs that have been ruining players game experience since beta. #rant

Think most of us got baited into the whole “next big MMO” thing and are now hooked with hopes & promises. We’re all just addicted. :face_with_head_bandage:

I can agree with this. The open world is amazing. There needs to be more activities at level 60 within it.

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Less gating would immediately equate to more activity. That’s so simple. Increase orb material drops (dont just make the materials tradable ffs) , remove stupid cooldowns except for the vendor items 1 per week.

Lets go!


What a limited amount of people, mostly negative ones, don’t realize is that there are millions of people playing NW. 90% are casual, 1h or less per day. Each world has thousands of players, and if the world is boring, probably more than 90% are casual. Just go in each town and check the finance summary to see how many houses. It will give a better idea.

Maybe after you’ve levelled all your skills, done all your quests, then there is farming to make money, etc… I have still way too much to do.

Since 99% are bots, they will never fix it.

I understand your point, but I’ve been on two worlds now and it’s just crazy how people do portals. It brings so much. I believe portals are the best XP/hour, best faction points/hour, azoth/hour. And gypsum to create orbs to increase your expertises.

When doing portals on a regular basis, 15-20 per day, you don’t have as much trouble to craft the orbs you need.

Plus, if it was too easy to get into these expeditions, so many rare crafting resources would be available. Why do you think a level 60 do Amrine runs?

But yes, it should be a bit easier than now. When I see people charging 2k per Genesis spot and 3k for Lazarus, cuz too lazy to farm the materials, it shouldn’t be a thing.

Bots have to buy the game too. Coins seller too. :wink:

How many bots in others games? 1,000,000%?

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