Oblivion and the hatchet…

Nullifying oblivion single handedly destroys the hatchet, because it takes off the ability ‘Berserk’ and disables the passive ability ‘defy death’ it is unwarranted, and way to OP to literally disable the only two remaining abilities that make the hatchet somewhat useable, since it got nerfed and the damage stack exploit was rightfully fixed… now I understand nullifying oblivion is supposed to take off buffs, but surely this shouldn’t include actual abilities and an ultimate passive? It’s wrong and unjustifiably too strong a perk to add onto the already powerful oblivion ability


The passive gives you an immortality buff (emphasis on buff). Also the perk nul oblivion only removes buffs on oblivion activation, meaning they have to time it right or it wont remove the buff. I agree there are things to tweak on the VG but this is not one of them. I have to be honest, as a VG/IG user i tend to struggle against good hatchet players cause they usually root me from behind and meat grind me down before i can even get them down to half health.


What about the berserk ability then? I think it’s wrong it completely negates abilities and ultimates too, empowering buffs, fortify etc I think is fine, but entire abilities and ultimates seems abit op imo… what do you mean by they have to time it right btw? If hatchet player uses berserk, they use oblivion and it takes it off right? Correct me if I’m wrong… also the defy death I’ve noticed if they use oblivion and you get dps down by a group after they’ve used it, defy death doesn’t activate, so they don’t really have to time it much just have to be in the circle and you lose it, unless I just had really unfortunate timing… yeah hatchet is a good hunter weapon if you catch players off guard for sure, the jump attack can be great for stopping running players in their tracks if they don’t dodge it before you land haha :joy:

I dunno I just feel the Vg does too much, it’s too good at everything, it also directly affects hatchets ability to play as a hatchet user, stopping abilities and passives in their tracks, I wonder if it does the same to other active ultimate passives too now I think of it?

By timing it right i mean you have to pop oblivion after you have popped berserk or defy death has popped. It only removes buffs when you activate oblivion.

I get what you’re saying but in my experience a good hatchet player can consistently still take me down if they play it right. I think the balancing needs work i agree. Personally i think they should nerf the dmg of the empower and/or remove the dot rather than remove an armor perk that is the only real counter to Defy Death other than spamming attacks on an immortal player. There are ways to get out of that situation, like pop a potion then feral rush outta there. Right now the hatchet works best as an ambush weapon that targets mages an healers imo.

This game is just frustrating with all it’s imbalances and bugs and i get it. I just dont think this particular perk is the issue. The ability was too op to begin with imo with empower and dot that it never had room for the armor perk. I am also fond of the idea of limiting the number of buffs it can remove per person.


+1 to the OP - its probably a bug, nothing should be able to bypass the hatchets Defy Death … or at least just let us know with a tooltip that this is intended

Fair enough, if it is not intended then yes it does need to be removed. I assumed, and that might have been my mistake, that Amazon intended this interaction.

Maybe the hatchet user on my server is just ridiculously good cause i struggle with one hatchet user specifically. I see ya’lls point and do agree that tweaks need to happen. Not gonna lie, I was excited to finally have an answer to that hatchet player after how many times i died to him in OPR…

Imagine if popping Berserk instantly removed Oblivion. It’s ridiculous.

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Exactly, nullifying oblivion can stop atleast 6 abilities with one move… berserk plus all 5 of its add ons and defy death, this renders the hatchet practically useless haha, these being the 2 best abilities the hatchet has

Bump, would really love a dev’s input on this

This game is all about nerfing melee and buffing mages. This VG is single handedly the most op weapon around right now, so much so that players are going lengths to pair it with weapons way off it’s class just because it is just broken. Hatchet… Nerfed, Great Axe… nerfed. It wouldn’t surprise me if they nerfed the WH too as things are going

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Bump, any devs response to this??

Yea it sems nobody cares to give an explanation

Bro, just leave the Oblivion affected area. You do the same on a Ice Storm affected area don’t you, you’ll try to escape the Grav well won’t you? Just leave the circle, pull the player out of it. You can’t justify nerfing a weapon’s ability just because it is strong on its own terms. Improvise, Adapt, Overcome

It’s not about leaving the area tho dude. I do leave it whenever I get the chance to, it’s the fact that if you pop berserk or your defy death activates the moment they pop oblivion it just gets taken off, obv if I can I leave the area I do, but also abit hard when you get hard rooted in place before they pop the oblivion which is what they usually do so it’s not as simple as just leaving the circle sometimes… it’s daunting that it cancels out an ultimate ability more so than taken off berserk… I don’t thing any ability should have the power to straight up delete an ultimate passive ability imo…

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Anyone can let’s us know is this is actually intended or not?

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