Obviously there's not a botting problem in New World

The entire page of youtube when filtering by “Upload Date” shows nothing but bots lol. good job NW.

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Botting exists in any game. This is a normal thing, and actually to a degree the gold sellers themselves are not always a bad thing (in every situation). They provide items for crafting, and gold which improves retention rates. The trick is to control them, not try to get rid of them because converting bots into players is an insanely smart move.

The only way in 20 odd years iv seen to get rid of them, is to remove trading or any type of player to player gold or item exchange from the game.

Are you willing to have the game change like that?

That’s quite possibly the worst response to botting i could think of lol. There you go people. Another part of the issue, accept and tolerate it. Thanks for confirming amazon is just filled with completely inept GMs.

Let me know when you find out a way to get rid of bots. We’d love to hear the very well thought out, practical approach you have that will save us millions and billions.

really, I bet someone would pay you for that solution.

Oh, I know… we could ask them. Run up to a suspected person and ask in chat, “Are you a bot?” If they say “Yes” then we report them. :blush:

All mmorpg have bot , if u dont hear or dont see them to other game , that is not mean they dont have bot. There is not something ags or other can fix , who else know how to coding a bot , they will be prepared new version of that bot to get away from anti bot.

God, the tag spam.

Giant meteor cannot glass this planet soon enough.

In other news, I think watching the player dips showed us all we needed to know. There’s like 15k players who never, ever leave the game, so I think that says something at least.

Congratulations, NW.

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