Of cockroach races and victims of terrorism

You pit players against each other with your wars and faction control, making them enemies and making them fight each other over nothing, inciting hatred.
But not all players are your puppets falling to your sick terrorist games.
Remove factions and make “wars” a friendly PvP activity through Activity Finder or allow playing without faction and remove taxes and Azoth penalties to players without faction and allow them moving items between storages.
When ones players can’t stop their cockroach races for illusive control over towns and gain profit from others losing functions of the game and suffering - it is terrorism.

What??? :man_facepalming:

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Ye let’s all hug and exchange presents.

Then disband our companies and quit


Achoo Chocolatebar?

The gift of a musket ball to the face.

That’s brotherly love.

what have you been smoking? you knew what you bought into when you got the game? :o you dont have to run whit pvp tag on. pvp off and you can be all the treehugging hippi you like. tbh just move on you big Troll

I was always a fan and one of the first to mention a factionless system.

But it should be more less rewarding than participating in the faction war

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“Faction war” should not break ability to play of those who don’t participate in it.

The problem is not what you smoke, it’s that you don’t share it XDD

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