Offal Grotto nerf

Throw us a bone, Amazon.

This farming spot has been completely ruined. The spawn rate is like 5 minutes now.

It wasn’t enough that low level crafting was nerfed, but now you have compounded the issue by eliminating a reliable source of rawhide. Even with the exp shift towards the top, you still maintained a flawed crafting system, which is designed to weigh lower-tier materials in SUBSTANTIALLY HIGHER QUANTITIES than higher-tier materials – with no way to break down high-tier RAW materials into lower tiers. The results is that we are still required to farm the same amount of lower-tier materials, but now we have a fraction of the access to them @ a fraction of the experience ratio.

The new system is essentially a bandaid that should have been more comprehensive, more intuitive, which has artificially extended the longevity of the game through brute force math, instead of implementing any noteworthy systematic change. Only the output has been modified. The input has remained the same… Except now access has been restricted tenfold.

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