Official petition! fix afk proofing!

There is a SERIOUS AFK Proofing issue right now, I have seen over 200 players throughout the day AFK Proofing, they run against a wall, they turn left and right in a time sequence every little bit and than they swing there melee weapon occassionally so make the thing think they are not afk, this is bullcrap CHEATING and it’s causing so many players to have to wait forever in Quea.
My wife had to wait 2 hours to go from Quea 1 to 0 earlier today, that shows you how rigged this ANTI AFK system is.

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AFK proofing is more of a symptom than the problem of Amazon’s stupidly low server maximum capacity.
It’s a problem that they had, then fixed, during beta. But brought back for release day.


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