Official Petition! Make Harvested Materials Great Again!

AGS! I have the PERFECT idea to stabilize the market and make harvested materials great and useful again! Simple: Make repairs cost a percentage of the materials used to craft the original item instead of Gold! You can keep the repair parts requirement but just make that simple change and you will see the prices of everything be worth while to harvest instead of .01 gold for green wood, rawhide, etc!

Thoughts? Anyone got a counter point? I’m open to reading it.


BUMPY! Does no one support this idea?

I guess not, the problem and it is the same with all the other ‘the economy is broken and needs this to fix it’ is that the situation is different on different servers and the game is barely a few weeks old with many still waiting to transfer servers to be with friends.

In this particular case you are asking players to ether lose the ability to repair on the go or otherwise carry around a lot of materials just in case something breaks or they forget to repair while in town. Unless the material requirements are high its more an inconvenience than anything that will actually improve the price of resources.

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