[Official Video] Weapon Spotlight: Blunderbuss

What do you think? I think the production quality took a big step up.


I kinda got borderlands vibes from it with the mid cinematic pauses/highlights

I liked it!

As a man of culture, I will be aiming my claw shots a little below the belt.

I think the video is REALLY good.

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Why was the featured player using dex gear?

Cause they were using the new dex gems :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s just for visual effects, ain’t no one in OPR running around in full star metal either

dex gear looks cool duh, imagine if they knew dex doesnt scale with the blunderbuss lol

A root and a movement skill? Now the GA players will talk shit about this new root as they did with scream?

Honestly, this game is just a dumpster of failure in coding and core design being elevated/carried by an extremely talented designer + marketers.

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