Official...Game is ruined from all the duping ..time to move on

So its down again from yet again another DUPING episode. OK so the gold duping bug happened twice the exact same bug which didnt get fixed the first time and millions of gold still in economy which ruined gameplay ( how do you think everyone within 3 days was running around in full sets of void armor) and all of the dupers getting only 1 day bans. You also have the item dupers with trading another person logging out etc…and now the furnishing / trophy duping taking place. Now I say to you all just how bad are the economies on your server? AGS no solution to this …and NO they did not remove all the gold from duping nor the items. Since they will not wipe the servers they should roll out fresh servers ONCE the finally put the duping bug to bed…only way to make a peace offering since AGS ruined all economies on all servers to all us honest players of their game. Who wants to play in a game where others get and are so far ahead from duping and using exploits in the game that it presents such an unfair advantage to the every day honest gameplayer? Shouldn’t we all be looking to move on from this game now? Game is still riddled with bugs and dupers with very little to no penalty for cheating in this game or should we all turn to duping and cheating to make the playing field even again?

the sky isnt falling, relax

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