Officially an EXPLOIT but where are the BANS?

Thank you AGS for officially recognizing coordinating lag as an exploit

Fixed a War exploit where players could use area of effect (AoE) magic effects to capture rally points without taking damage.

But legitimate players are still waiting for ban reports. Count and account names, or bans didn’t happen. Also waiting on bans for invincibility cheats and gold duplication exploitation.


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@Zin_Ramu Thank you for your post in Developer’s Corner about Wars [Dev Blog] PvP, War, and Territory - Developer Corner - New World Forums.
The main thing that was missing is – where are the bans for cheaters and exploiters who used the lag exploits and invincibility cheats?
Where is the proof that bans went out and have effectively acted as a deterrent?

Until cheaters and exploiters are banned and deterred from future cheating, any incentives to PvP – such as more Luck – will only benefit cheaters and exploiters.

You have also not talked about shady deals such as Companies “selling” settlements to others in win-trades and how AGS is dealing with that and the potential for griefing an entire server.


@Lane Thank you for your post explaining and updating players on the situation regarding wealth transfers and the exploits that resulted.

And thank you especially for the apology to players on behalf of AGS. This is already miles ahead of companies like ESO that screw up enormously but don’t even bother with an apology, just an empty ​"thank you for your patience".

Also, thank you to the AGS team for taking swift action in this case of gross exploitation. This is much better than the literally weeks of lag exploitation and invincibility cheats that were allowed to continue in Wars.

This said I feel we are missing proof and stats on the bans that went out.
Players would be more patient with AGS if they knew that cheaters weren’t profiting, and have a lot more faith in the game and the devs.
Kindly provide what you can, and also comment on measures regarding Family Share used to immediately circumvent bans.

As well can you comment on whether this situation remains an issue and whether it will be actioned


Thank you for making this post @GrailQuest. It needs to be understood that competitive integrity is important to the developer. Remove the players who exploited to take territory, Perm ban them preferably but at least a smack on the wrist is required here. Exploiters need to know they are not safe to cheat in our game. Especially when 100s of hours are required to acquire territory.


I post here and there, usually I’m fairly quiet. …

But in this situation, I’d be interested to know more. There are screenshots on reddit of people with thousands of bottles of azoth and max gold. Stashes with full legendaries.

In this situation, leaving any of these items or gold in circulation will ruin the economy, which is already quite frail.

I know you can’t release stats or specific details . However, I’d be happy just knowing these items and gold have been removed from the game and rhe players associated have been banned, per your post.


You probably need to tag @Lane in your post or at least a CM and ask them to pass it along. Not that I genuinely expect that they’ll get it (they are probably flooded with other tags) but without tagging him it’s much less likely they will see your question.

@Zin_Ramu @TheLawRich @Luxendra @Lane

I just want to bring this to all of your attention. You pointed out the lag exploits in the post, but you didn’t mention any solution to the damage that’s ALREADY been done. On my server (Lemosyne), the hard core PvPers all went to Covenant from Marauders/Syndicate and then took over the map using the exploit and one Company threw a war/switched to Covenant. These people actively exploited, but face no consequences for it. It’s ridiculous.

The damage is done to our server. The number of people playing dropped dramatically and people don’t want to PvP anymore. THe negativity on global and in Syndicate faction chat is really demoralizing overall. It’s just not a good vibe for this game and it’s really sad.

On top of that, the Companies that took control are just neglecting the regions.


The same happened also on Albraca…within 1 to 2 days Syndicate took over almost the whole map and resulted in massive player loss. In 1 day we lost 500 players. Used my transfer to this server and now im stuck here on a broken server which is loosing players constantly.
If u dont bring back another free transfer for all players, at least keep a paid option in the shop!

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Nexdorea from the EU/GER Servers currently is experiencing almost the same. Just the day before yesterday the leadership of the biggest syndicate company (controlling around 3 territories themselves and another 2 via their wing) just left for the covenant faction and manipulated the wars to take territories with them by having “the account of their wife” (or simply their second account, I mean this guy only changed the first letter of the name, the rest stayed the same and the 2nd Character never went higher than level 9 before being deleted again by now I suppose) in the old faction and controlling the participants of the defence. These wars took less than 5 minutes.
I don’t know, but to me this doesn’t sound like intendend diplomacy in a game, which is inevitable to have when you have wars too, but rather an exploit or a very big flaw in the ToS if this is allowed… We will fight to get our Territorys, but with the current unplayable state of the Firestaff and Ice Gauntlet, combined with the hatchet exploit where one DD just can kill 10 people on spot by left-clicking 10 times, it gets harder and harder… Right now most of us lose their enthusiasm for New World and even more are simply not touching PVP anymore until everything is fixed. Means they will be able to take over the server with one company, because people simply don’t want to fight them with 20 Hatchet abusers among their ranks.

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Friend of mine uses hatchet and said it looked like they have been fixed.Don’t know status of firestaff or ice gauntlet.

I would like to adress this problem in my server as well, Devaloka.

Currently there are gold sellers exploiting every single oportunity. They already got basically all territories with multiple same-name guilds (divided in two factions, might add). At this point, fixing bugs has little relevance alone as the damage is already done. We need perma-bans (not three days bans) and a proper erasure of gold and item dupes. The reports have been made, and a simple check on their account’s inventory should be enough to find the dupes.

I do believe the game has potential and the problem is fixable. But we need a firm grip, you cannot protect an abusive portion of players without losing the honest one.


@Luxendra Thank you for Update on Current Issues #2 and the section on Exploits – and even mention that exploitation is actually punishable.

However, we are still waiting on actual proof of BANS for exploitation as well as outright cheating such as the Invincibility cheats from weeks ago around the time of Update 1.0.2. Kindly remind the devs that proof of bans for the very many exploits and cheats we have seen is still pending.

Thank you @Luxendra for the statistics regarding duping.

There are however still various issues such as bans pending for long-ago cheats and exploits including the invincibility cheat and magic staff machinegun macros, to name just two.

Furthermore, can you comment on how players banned for duping got unbanned? How common is this and how did it happen? Such cases basically make everything you said in the post about banning dupers completely useless.

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@Luxendra @Kay

This was our very first war where our settlement was stolen with the lag cheat. A large number of us sent this report with the video, I sent ingame feedback with the link, yet the cheaters are still there, the settlement is long gone and our loss is the only thing that remains.
Half my company refuses to login anymore after that war, since we had different expectations from AGS regarding cheats of this magnitude.

You can see their names in the video, every single one of them on their side was in on the exploit, this wasn’t something done by accident.
Will we get any closure knowing these cheating RATS are punished or should I tell my company members to just play their other games like they already do? :worried:


Sadly, they will not perma bann them, i was playing in DUAT and 1 guild get whole map by using explioits , they get banned for 24h, so they keep continue to use exploits.24h bann is not even a punishment for those people because they are okey with that.

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In my idea, it’s perma ban for cheating or they can shove their game where the sun doesn’t shine.
If they don’t do this, what’s separating AGS from some basement piss poor company like Funcom has become? That game (anarchy online)had GMs doing these things, not just regular losers.
Why would I stay and play a game who’ developing company doesn’t care their game is getting pissed on by cheaters? I’ll go play single player games where these things just don’t happen, it’s really that easy.
I quit a game i played for 20 years because of lack of action vs cheats. I’ll toss new world in the trash waaay quicker if they think exploiting in game is something they can forgive and forget.
No fucking way, perma ban or bye bye

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Don’t be expecting miracles… They don’t give a toss…

I’m already back to playing other games… I refuse to sink any more time in to this absolute shit show.

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I’m just waiting to see what happens to all this. I find less and less incentive to login.
Yesterday I found myself in game but was more active on this page reading the shitshow and wondering myself why I didn’t give it more time before investing so much into it.

I wouldn’t be so absolutely annoyed usually, but they’ve disabled “wealth transfer”, but any other system that requires upkeep or taxes paying remains functional. Any listings on the AH, continue to tick down to expiry. This is the second time they’ve done this. All they have done is absolutely screw over those who have played the game properly.

But oh, don’t worry said AGS the last time “We’ll make good on this and compensate you.” - Which turns out to be an absolute load of bollocks and lies because the only compensation we’ve had is to have the same scenario play out again. I don’t want compensation or trinkets or pathetic store skins or any other garbage. Double punishing us is what I don’t want however.

For a game that’s supposed to be player economy driven, this is an absolute disgrace and is ultimately why I’ve walked away and they can shove their game up their hole.


how horrible :disappointed_relieved: :cold_sweat: