Officially an EXPLOIT but where are the BANS?

@Luxendra Great list of bugfixes in the Nov-18 update, but still no bans for cheaters who used the Invincibility cheats way back around Update 1.0.2? And all the other cheats and exploits afterwards?
Clearly AGS has no real interest in fair play. Please forward to the devs that they should remove themselves from the Fair Play Alliance members list because their membership there insults every other company listed.


@Luxendra @Kay
We need closure for this. Cheater names are all on video, is something going to be done?

It’s beyond visible how they exploited and more than visible it was done on purpose. Half my company quit after that war(our bloody first one!) and said this is just like funcom, now I watch discord and they’re all playing different games because of this.
I refuse to play a game where actions versus cheaters are not taken, so please clear the air on this so I know if I’m investing more time into this game.
As I see it now, this type of RATS did more damage than anything else, do they get punished or am I playing single player games where scumbags like those don’t get slaps on the wrist?

@TrevzorFTW Nice long post on “current issues” but still not a single mention of the cheating and exploitation way back in 1.0.2.
Have the devs completely forgotten the invincibility cheats?
Where is the proof of bans for those cheats and exploits and the ones that came after?

It is clear that AGS does not support fair play. Banning bots is low-hanging fruit and easy wins for AGS to publicize but the important bans AGS turns a blind eye to.

It is time for AGS to publicly admit they will not do anything and compensate players – starting with a full and unconditional refund.

@Luxendra Can you please ask the devs for some word on cheats and exploits?
Cheaters reported multiple times.
Exploits reported week after week.
More than anything the inaction of AGS against cheaters and exploiters is emptying the servers.
Repeated reports against cheaters and they are still playing the game: Yet another exploiter/hacker on Camelot
Still no proof of action against even the earliest outright cheats like the invincibility cheats.

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The consequence is the game becomes unenjoyable to play for many and so the game ends. AGS are ok as they already got all the money for the game when it launched. Job done :smiley:

Getting flavour of Warhammer Online and how AoE can never be “balanced”.

Perfect World launched Magic Legends as free to play. But shut it down shortly after because it “missed the mark”.
Huge difference there is they had the decency to REFUND everyone who spent money during that open beta.

Starting to look like eastern companies are more interested in doing right by players than any western company.
Eastern companies will even compensate players for routine maintenance and add even more compensation if that maintenance goes overtime. They show they value their player base.

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@Luxendra In reference to your post about the abuse of server transfers, kindly as the devs to review the many posts going literally weeks back about Companies griefing whole servers by running down Settlements to collect coin and leave for another server – griefing that is only enabled by the Free Server Transfers.
How come there is no word at all about this in your post? How come they have not acknowledged that this has been going on and more Companies have been using this tactic, causing whole servers to depopulate? When is AGS going to address the widespread cheating, exploiting, and griefing?

I still have yet to see if anyone was banned for using the company name change exploit to reset faction influence and cancel wars.

They reset the influence and tried to sell the town.

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@Luxendra kindly let the devs know that hiding their inaction just destroys their credibility. Which is destroyed already, to be honest, but they will never get it back.

Instead of taking action on botters, they just hide the report posts?
Can’t even say they investigated it because they didn’t?
How is a player standing inside a rock not exploiting something even if they are not botting?

Showing the bad state of the game, topic gets unlisted - Game Feedback / Game Feedback - New World Forums

That’s cap…

If so then what’s with a lot of the posts I the fourms most are toxic af.

They only delete posts which have gone way beyond guidelines.

Ik it sucks to not feel heard but there is a difference between constructive criticism and venting ur anger out.

So if you call out the police for not doing their job and instead doing a coverup, that’s “venting your anger out”?
Okay, how about you try to reframe the situation into “constructive criticism”?
i.e., “Put up or shut up”. You talk theory – so show it in practice.

Here is the dictionary for you.

  • “Constructive criticism focuses on providing constructive feedback, supported by specific examples, to help you improve in some area . Constructive criticism should be offered in a friendly manner with good intentions.”

Couldn’t copy vent but hope this helps

It is obvious you are just a troll.
You give worthless advice that you can’t even perform yourself or provide a practical example for. You were asked to put up and shut up by providing “constructive criticism” to AGS about their numerous failures. Instead you ignore that and provide something completely unrelated – because you can’t do it.
Your kind never has anything useful to contribute.

How do u know I have never criticised the game?
Are u watching me 24/7? Why are u insulting me and assuming where my stance is in all this just asking for people to add constructive critisms? Is everyone against u or ur ideas therefore a troll?

These are the questions I have for u.

So we got a “December Team Update” that talked about Bugs Bots and Bans.

@Luxendra Kindly relay to the participants of this segment that it is empty-content smoke and mirrors that is of no worth.
Rich claimed that reports and appeals are processed by humans, but we also have evidence that these “humans” are not following the procedure outlined. Where is the information and investigation if nothing is even recorded that can be used by the player to examine and appeal?

They have a nice rosy talk about doing things yet they don’t tackle actual situations that point to negligence and/or corruption in the reporting system.

ALSO… STILL zero word on confirmed action against players who used outright cheats such as the Invincibility shake-your-window cheats around Update 1.0.2. and so many other exploits after that. Literally an exploit every week, almost all of which are PvP related.

All talk and no action is apparently the AGS way.

Kindly do not bother with any more PR-stunt videos like this.

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You are never going to get ‘confirmed action against players’ that includes a list of account names. The fact that you do not get ‘public confirmation’ is not proof nothing is being done. It is only proof that Amazon is not making public statements about it.

CS operates under what appears to be near-autonomy and has been since launch and it hasn’t been a talking point. I just wonder why. Is this not seen as potentially damaging? Are they really so loyal to their methods?

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