" oh no opr is ruined by...""

Srr for bad englich,
But dam stop craying og no enemy team have 10 bowmans… 9 of them is 50 con new players whu daying from 2 hit, is not bow problem if you run strait to him, its your problem if you dont have any trust gems to reduse bow dmg, and yes you car cry 100 yers ags can do nothing just becose half of craying players are still bad in opr whu can just left click :slight_smile:

Too many of one build makes opr bad. They need to balance teams better.

They also need to improve scoring system so that ranged auto attacks aren’t the easiest way to reach 3k score for the PvP track max reward.

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‘It’s not bow problem if you run strait to him’, how does one avoid the 10 bows in this scenario? You will be running straight at one to dodge another.

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can be applied with all weapons :x Imagine 10 fireballs flying at you and you can just dodge one xD
Usually though when I get shitstomped its not really weapon diversity destroying our team its still premades a 5 man coordinated premade that talks to each other easily can fend off 8-9 puggers.

I think its a matchmaking problem not a weapon balance issue. I cap stuff with musket running 62 con ( thanks champion ring :x ) and then I get like 3-4 people hunting me and my team should have the upper hand but if they suck they suck and still lose a winning fight.

Expecting any sort of balance in a 20v20 open match up where anyone can play any role they like is going to end in disappointment, no doubt.

But that’s not why I ended up giving up on PVP in the game. I’d be pretty content if 10 bows would actually result in that one evasive runner dying very quickly but of course it doesn’t and I’d like it a whole bunch more if it wasn’t possible for DPS to also be extremely tanky and spongy as well.

When I ran an extreme glass cannon and basically chip 1-5% health off a target with my biggest hits… Then my mates all plough in as well and they just stand there doing the laugh emote, solo and not losing any health… Yeh, it’s time to move on.

Correct, any weapon that gets stacked makes OPR crap.

Need to balance teams, or place weapon restrictions.