Ohonoo (US East) down with no warning?

No mention of US East servers needing maintenance. Please provide some guidance. Kicked with no warning.

same issue says world is under maintenance

I can’t comprehend the lack of transparency here.

November is the surprise maintenance month


Ohonno server is under maintenance, you can check the server status here:


Apologies for the inconvenience this may cause to you.

for how long and why

lmao this reply after no warning was given does not even give a reason as to the maintenance nor an estimate for the duration of downtime. Maybe we get those answers after a few more posts since for some odd reason it always requires pulling teeth.

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one more day of this and the characters getting deleted

I don’t think it’s actually maintenance. I think that the “under maintenance” message is just a catch-all for when the server falls over or is rolling back automatically when it encounters an issue. It should likely more appropriately read “server locked” to avoid folk thinking that it’s been taken down in a planned fashion and to distinguish it from such.

this doesnt actually tell us anything. why is our server down with no warning or explanation? zero transparency causes players to quit the game.

lol, yeah I need you to spear me a few times in outpost rush to get my day started :slight_smile:

loading in now

Sure, except they have experienced other unplanned server maintenances throughout the night and still seem to be unable to fathom the thought of getting ahead of issues by making a post warning the player base as a whole these issues may not be localized. A little effort to look like you care about your community goes a long way, just as the opposite is true and a continued pattern of reactive responses vs proactive leads to the lack of trust this game currently has.

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That will show them.

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