Ok I finally agree RNG armor sucks

So I’ve finally 590’d everything besides jewelry which is in the 550’s. I have luck in every single slot, all 3 bags, both winter weapons. 3 basic trophies. I do not flag often, because for some reason even though Cov basically controls the server, they just never seem to leave the towns.

Full week now (since all 590). I’ve opened every single elite zone T5 chest, every single day. Plus killed a bunch of elites, and zone bosses. Opened TONS of OPR and Portal chest.

1 garbage legendary, is all I’ve gotten.

I understand when you are 590, the armor can swing either +/- 590. However, it’s almost always less than 590. Tons and tons of green highly common so called uncommon shit, sub 590 gear.

I used to make thousands of coins selling drops, now it’s all shit, most stuff isn’t even worth the listing fee. The TP is loaded with pages and pages of crafted 597-600, no one is going to buy anything less than 590, unless it has god stats or they are broke.

Basically everything just gets salvaged for 3 coins. I could go harvest 1 node and make more money off it then I get for opening all those chest.

This last run MYRK/Mines,
24 armor drops < 590, 2 flat 590, 3 armor drops > 590
37 weapons < 590, 1 flat 590, no weapons > 590

Everything else from Malv and Reek was scrapped

It’s already a monumental task to get 4 good rolls on a item in the first place, but to have the items not even drop at a expertise levels worth using, just piles on the bullshit.


I gather that the loot chance when GS is at 590, a distribution bell curve is not even centered to 590, either this is the case or the curve is skewed (the drop chance around 590 is not symmetrical).


supposedly, for the best chance at 590+ drops, the zone should be 65+, but with the last set of nerfs, you will mostly need dungeons for a decent chance at 590+ stuff.

that said, in comparison to crafting, if you weren’t buying materials, you can only make 1-2 590+ items per day total.

so you created 5 items above 590 compared to 1-2 depending on item. and you didnt use genesis or laz, which according to others is supposed to have the best chance.

that said, no stats selected at all, its mostly going to be bad drops.


I scrap everything except gs600 legendary. Its not worth the time figuring out if it will sell or not. Only stuff to save are those thats pretty obvious GA-STR-Keen-Vicious…

So far after I hit 60 some 2 weeks after release I had 0 really good drops. I had some armour GS600 Str/Dex-mana perk drop and some GA-Int or lifestaff-str drop…


You don’t gear with drops.

Level a profession, then earn money and then buy the things you like

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Spaghetti code. im quit sure they stopped drops till new dungeons and Jan update.
just like before they stopped the legendary mat for weapons. so people keep playing till they “try” to fix code


Also, it feels that after latest patch I stopped getting legendaries from Lazarus / Genesis.

In the weekend I was in Lazarus 17 times. Lazarus Bow did not drop once (epic or legendary, neither). And all I got was 1 BoP legendary helm.

I mean the whole loot system feels like an absolutely crap. I spent 550 hours in-game and ALL MY GEAR is from Trading Post or Trade. I am not wearing a single item that I got myself.


600 drop should have much better chance. Since now, it’s very rare and when you do drop it is so bad… It either should have better atributes/skills on them or just drop way more often. Did Lazarus several times over weekend, got 2 leg items only and both were total trash, only good thing about them was that they are legendary but pretty much using 500gs would be more useful.


Im 200 in many professions including Armouring and Jewelcrafting. The only profession I earned money from is smelting when I sell Asmo cooldown…

Edit:I finally bought my 3:rd house, so now I just need to grind 120 000 ± Gold to afford 3 trophies THEN I might start earning money on the professions… Maybe…


It does feel like the 600 gear drops was nerfed to hard, If I’m not wrong, it was mentioned in some patch notes that their specifically lowered their drop rates?


Shouldn’t legendary gear be extremely rare. Isnt that the point? Its not legendary if everyone can get it so easily.

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So - you are one of the lucky ones to have expertise at 590 - and you are NOW whinging about luck.

I’m still at 528 for my highest (VG) … and I have to wait through a year to get to anywhere near where you are.


I have 3 minor armouring trophies. My craft is 589-600.
I use a timeless shard for any heavy piece and I craft a con/resilient item. The craft costs about 2 k because I craft my cooldowns and it never sells less than 5k. Most of the times it sells for 10k and some times for 20.
If it is legendary it might sell for 50k.

You also have jewelcrafting at 200? I sell 520gs earing for 1k all the time. If they roll luck it is more. Are you playing a different game?

Are you out of you mind " rofl" me? Learn what you can craft and do it. You don’t need majors

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He is not lucky, he spent a lot of time to get it there.

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just for fun, yesterday i got a 599 GS green hat without perks. I also have all the watermark 590 armor. This beanie has the best GS possible before turning into a legendary version, but oops still useless.

Of course he is lucky - he is in a big ant farm guild that swipes the north regularly.

Correction, he spent a lot of time with dozens of others to get there.

Us, in our 5 man guild - have to be VERY lucky to get enough damage on a named mob to get loot and on top of that - have to get lucky as well with the drops.

I did my farming as a solo player, cause my company does chest runs at 01:30 at night (in my time zone).

Chests and dungeons before patch, gypsum and dungeons after patch. And guess what, expertise on all my weapons is 590, void gauntlet 570, shield 586, jewelery at 545-555.

You have 5 people? You can do 100% of content in the game.

You are solo? You can just follow trains or get groups in chat. You have empty server? You can still get 80% of chests as solo or duo.

Dont wanna farm named bosses? Then dont. I never did.


I just don’t get the view on gear in this game… Yes I like going to best in slot gear and like the grind but why are people so obsessed with the BIS gear? I heal just fine in all content at GS 530. Yes, I’m not a lot full potential and maybe won’t last in mutations but I have time for that. The difference between 600 and like 550 is not that big to the point where it’s game changing.


You have a 5 man guild, why bother to join a zergfest? Just run mines,Myrk, Arenas,Pools, Sirens,Imperial palace and Malevolence yourself. Skip what you have to (65 portals) and enjoy the loot.
So many people are under the false premise that you need 1,000 people to run these things…you don’t.
If you’re good enough you don’t even need a full group.

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It isn’t about bother - any time we go up there there are swarms going through the whole zone.

If the tag rules weren’t so stupid - this would be awesome. But they aren’t, so we generally just get the chests and run.

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