Ok you win AGS I'm out

Lag with 40 ms latency makes game unplayable
Desync with bow and light armour.
PvP imbalance. Axe for win with lag and aoe
PVE boredom.
Tax for companies.

You have got your way AGS. Had enough, again.


“Axe for win”

What game are you even playing? Not NW for sure


In OPR most people on my server still play axe. Maybe it’s because the connection is shit, but consists of stun > dead. Really boring And they won’t be fixing it, so I’m done.

You are supposed to get killed in light armor if you get caught. Nothing to fix here. Play bow/rapier and none of these melees can ever catch u. Thats the point of playing Dex light armor …

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Sure, its pretty hard to compete with being caught due to lag. But you focus on whatever point you’re trying to make.

If you are talking about wars then I agree with you, its a fuckin mess. I don´t play them anymore and man, what a relief :smiley: OPRs? Lags never happened to me there, can´t compare. But if its servers fault then everyone has lags no? Have you ever tried to catch someone with lags? Don´t think its possible.

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