OKAY DEVS FIX THIS ASAP hopefully a dev answer or atleast see this

FFS why u make this modes wars / invasions and let the owners of the place to chose who want will play ?? are u even serious ??? in my whole life i played one single invasion and for the war neverrrrrr and alllways i sign up for every invasion and when i join and tp to fight area i get KICKED ??? are u serious ? what the point for that noone will have a chance to even try something like wars and invasions just bcz of this this is not fair for a solo players who just want to enjoy the game …

This is absolutely fair to solo players. Keep to your solo play, or join a company. The community should not cater to someone who doesn’t want to play in group demanding to join the group content… check yourself. (This is mainly for wars)

do u think i didnt tried ? there is only 3 companies that dominating the whole server one company for each faction and guess what ? when u msg the leaders they dont even bother to answer ur msgs how mim supposed to even get a company ?

The flipside is if they make the selection random. What would happen is players would be scorned or shunned for signups if they werent top of the pack

If he wants to join the group


he wants to play in group

see the flaw in your logic?

Yes, I misunderstood. There is a difference between “let me in the wars raaawr” and “i can’t get in to a company”

Well I see it like any other game with raids and competitive PvP. You need to find or start a company. What would you suggest as a fix?

I actually see one viable, but not a great idea. A company can own only 1 territory, but they can circumvent that with just alt companies so I don’t know.

To be fair, in my case I’m a marauder and there is just my company that is still on the server for greens, but we currently don’t own any territory and always get kicked from invasions (they’re better than us war wise so we can’t take any territory) so we are a bit stuck

Wars I 100% agree the company’s that are doing the war should have control over their roster, but invasions something needs to change

Invasions are tuned SO high right now that it’s not puggable. They have half-assed it at the moment imo. They either need to make it fully premade or make it fully pug BUT scale down the difficulty. I understand why people kick out randoms, I know it’s toxic, but damn invasions are next to impossible.

The concept from the start was to have random players join an invasion. Having the ability to kick players doesn’t make it random anymore. It’s a contradicting design.

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They do this so people like you that are prolly trolling in the game and doesnt want to be part of a team can get booted and come to the forum to complain.

So let’s get something straight here, you join A massively multiplayer online role-playing game and expect to do every single piece of content completely solo? I guess this is the reason why these games suck ass nowadays :slight_smile:

Fix your keyboard, you have some keys broken

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