Old Amulets never being legendary (never having a gem slot either)

I have never seen a single legendary Old Amulet drop, ever. After asking others and sifting through TP for an entire week, nothing… Perhaps the drops are broken for this item?

Here’s an example of an Old Amulet dropping @600GS (and not being legendary)

It’s got 3 perks and no gem slot.

Now here’s an Old Ring dropping @600GS (and not being legendary)

It’s got 2 perks and a gem slot?

And finally here’s an Old Earring dropping @600GS (and not being legendary)

Same thing as Old Ring.

Something isn’t adding up here consistency-wise… Every single purple Old Earring & Old Ring I’ve seen has 2 perks and a gem slot. Every single purple Old Amulet I have seen does not have a gem slot, in other words I have never seen an Old Amulet with a gem slot, ever.

Not saying this is an issue but it does seem peculiar, maybe a member of the team could chime on this subject?

EDIT: If you think I cheery-picked my screenshots to try and prove my point feel free to go look for yourself. If you do find an Old Amulet with a gem slot, this whole post is nullified.

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