OMEN [US-East Amarah] Fresh Start Recruit


[Fresh Start Server: Amarah]
[150+ Players]
[NA East]
[Competitive and Casual Player Friendly]

OMEN is a company ready and excited to make our mark on a Fresh Start Server. By re-modeling our organization to channel our history of success in New World while also embracing the enthusiasm of newcomers to the game, we are a guild that competes at the highest level while still making community and our enjoyment of the game our #1 priority.

Why You should join us:

◈ A History of New World success (Concurrently held Windsward and Everfall)

◈ A comprehensive plan to poise our members for success on a fresh start (database of OMEN crafted guides, structured war roster, re-organized leadership structure)

◈ A multi-company member structure for flexibility to Hardcore and Casual plays

◈ A strategy for growth and rapid expansions that will allow new members to quickly prove themselves and join our leadership

OMEN Community Values:

◈ Constant self-improvement and a willingness to give and receive feedback in a respectful manner during victory or defeat.

◈ Honesty and transparency, especially when it comes to communicating one’s own interests and concerns.

◈ Objectively acknowledging and rewarding merit

Please DM me if you wish to join or have additional questions!

Hello I am interested in joining

Hey! Drop me a DM on Discord Margo P#9480