Omeyocan Timed out waiting for server to describe world

I guess I shouldn’t have been playing new world during a hot tub stream damn

72 hours now of not being able to log in. devs, anyone at AGS: can you confirm this is being looked into? I do not understand the radio silence here considering other posts in this forum have received extraordinarily rapid replies…

Other than the customer support guys I can’t get a reply from a mod, seems they don’t want to touch the issue with a 10 foot pole, my best guess, is that it isn’t affecting enough of us so it will just get swept under the rug

exactly, but good news is update tonight so we can play again tomorrow, either way F grade for the way they handled the situation. Lost all faith in this game having to deal with that.

How do you know there’s an update tonight?

They posted the patch notes and the scheduled downtimes.

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Let’s see if it fixes you guys! If it does tell me and I’ll buy the game again lol

I didn’t see our issue called out in the patch notes, did I miss it? So we are just hoping that the server reboot fixes it then we just don’t ever join a dungeon again? lol wtf?

@NW_Mugsy @TrevzorFTW

@oTTTTo this the fix

Yep we are praying the reboot let’s us access our characters, and if it does I am not touching another expedition lol

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Ditto lol

I was able to login today after this update

Guys, we don’t have a choice….the Amrine Expedition is part of the main quest line……

Pro tip - don’t do an expedition until it’s patch day!

Areeee we back??

Just bought the game again lol. And can confirm we are “unstuck”. Just avoid those expeditions people! Maybe at some point they will fix them so we can advance in the main storyline…

Holy shit! I can login again!

Has anyone tried any dungeons at all??! just curious I need to do two for part of the main story but scared I’ll get lost in there again

No way. Not advancing in the main storyline or doing any other dungeons until the developers fix the game

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Bumping, issue has arise in US East: Eden.