Omg nerf spear wtf?

Don’t compare melee with range :wink:

Clearly topic author never played Spear…
It´s not OP at all… It´s a good weapon, like every other…
(I play bow/rapier) always beat bow/spear players…
Just stop crying and learn to counter.

Lol all you have to do is sweep after dodge or ability and it’s easy to sweep bruisers lol again expert…

You can’t sweep once a bruiser who know how to play because they have grit - expert. Go and duel bruisers to check how many sweeps you will land instead of random people trying builds in opr

One question, why do You put my comment into begining of Your video actually? Cause I think I miss the connection? ;p

Just grabbed the first couple of posts complaining about PvP. Totally unbiased, didn’t read any names or anything. I apologise if I made you feel personally victimised that was not my intention. I was simply trying to make a joke out of a mentality I think plagues most games. Particularly PvP…
I can blur your name out if you like?
I mean this sincerely as I honestly wasn’t trying to single anyone out.

Nah, I was just wondering :slight_smile: I am satisfied with Your anwers

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Thanks for your understanding mate :+1: I am just trying to entertain not offend and I’m glad that’s clear now :grin:

Lol I have as long as you don’t randomly sweep a bruiser you are fine bait out abilities and counter sweep I do this shit all the time bruisers are ez work and even if sweep don’t knock down it don’t matter I’m still getting my 7s 15% fortify while landing the follow up stab for big dmg. With the homing buff even if you don’t land the Sweep it still lands the follow up stab which is what matters. with shirking and perforate while in med armor I’m perma fortify capped lol so yea I face tank bruisers with spear in duels and I don’t use my bow as it’s unfair. So I melee with 1 weapon lol :joy: I should have mentioned this was med armor specific as in light armor I do believe vault kick being the better option. My bad for not mentioning that it’s early lol

And I’ll show you better then I can tell you lol I’m on cos we can duel anytime I’ll only use spear…

Medium makes a difference. Recently I’ve got pretty decent heavy headpiece with fort perfo resi and shirkinking fort. I’m on EU. Probably will sell it :smile:

No, you’re correct.

Playing spear without Vault Kick is suicide. VK is your only reliable counter against STR users. Ideally, the spear user wants thwarting counter on their spear as well to maximize anti-grit damage.

I’m not a spear user (light armor SnS/Hatchet), and can assure you that the only spear users that stand a chance take Vault Kick.

Love how he just says “and blunderbuss” :laughing: :joy: :laughing:

Nah it’s depend of your gameplay. I agree that most of the time I run perfo / VK / skewer BUT I can see a place for sweep :broom: been useful. Personally I find the animation too easy to dodge and your locked in animation way too long and 75% of time you’ll get knock back before using it and you just sweep the air. With that said , it can be useful if your a back line killer and try to sweep bunch of healers all stacking together but it’s really hard to pull out. Blood sweep on weapon looks pretty nice too , might need to buy my 20th spear to try this out ( 12% bleed looks nice ). Overall I think spear have one of the most complete skills / abilities and people can play with all 5 of his abilities ( still think Cyclone is bad in pvp might be good on a heavy spear user running left tree idk) I just feel if you play heavy or med with a spear, WH just do the same job but with more AOE and easier to land

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Depends on the setting. 3v3 arena and other small-scale combat scenarios (like back capping in OPR) are my main interest.

Warhammers are typically too slow for small-scale combat.

However, spear without VK doesn’t have a good answer against most grit users, especially hatchets, though a good Thwarting Counter spear paired with the Unerring Precision skill perk can usually out-trade average STR users. (Thwarting Counter+ Unerring Precision by themselves is +35% damage against grit!)

It’s now 40% no ? Passive 20 and twarthing 20? Blackguard spear is your friend :stuck_out_tongue:

You’re probably right (I don’t play spear!). I just know it’s insane not to use that perk if you can!

Spear has the best player feel and experience of all the weapons, IMO. But it gets weak in clumps and with multiple targets. This is how every weapon should be – it shines in some scenarios but can’t do it all.

If anything, Vault Kick needs a bit better tracking. It sits in a critical niche that spear needs, but whiffs way more often than other gap closer-type skills.


When I vault kick someone that is moving away from me half the time there is 0 lunge on the VK because it is tracking where they were not where they are going. So instead of lunging forward and hitting them you basically just vault kick in place which is extremely annoying. Same thing happens with skewer as well. If someone is moving away from you half the time the skewer doesnt do the full lunge and as a result you miss. Feral rush also has this problem as well.