On purpose? Or just forgot

The fire staff literally revolves around crits, what are you even talking about? Ice gauntlet is the same way, being able to crit an ice spike is its only burst.

In AGS’s failure to understand their own magic weapon design, also fail to see how free crits from backstabs with melee weapons along with rogue perks make melee outclass magic. Removing backstabs from flame thrower was such a dumb change and gave a not-so-great ability at least ONE way to try and out skill their opponent by weaving behind them consistently and thinking about their positioning to optimize damage.

Let’s also not forget weapons like GS and hatchet can double dip in dex/str to avoid diminishing returns whereas magic users are stuck going all in on INT.


People should stop playing mage.



I mean it’s not like a lot of the passives on the firestaff are designed with critical hits in mind or something. And that some of the best damage related perks like Keenly Empowered or Keenly Jagged rely on scoring critical hits. And that Keen Awareness is one of the top damage related perks on rings in the first place.

It’s good though, now we atleast know that the developers actually don’t add any good drops for mages on purpose. Just keep pumping out unrollable Best in Slot STR rings that double-dip into the DmgType Perk Bucket so that the Melee Meta can be solidified once and for all.


We’ve all been speculating for a long time that there is massive favoritism going on behind the scenes, but realizing that it’s actually intentional and not by accident is truly something. Shows how extremely disconnected the developers are from their own game.

Thanks for listening to my Ted Talk. I’m off to make some coin so I can waste it all again on gambling for some INT pieces.


Keen Awareness is already a required perk on ring for mages. We just have to rely on crafted items since apparently you purposely prevent us from getting it. Hearty is also required for light mages. Crits are a huge part of the game, why is it specifically you don’t want mages “relying” on crits when most of the BIS perks and passives require a crit and literally every class relys on it?

Are there comparable perks to keenly empowered or keenly jagged for mages like on burning do xxx more damage or anything like that? No there aren’t and that’s why we also rely on crits just like everyone else.

We are forced to have Empowered Fireball on the weapon since it’s the only thing to make Fireball competitive so we cannot use Keen on weapon or miss other important perk like Attune and Keenly Empowered.

How can you guys be so disconnected from the game? It baffles me.


So they can’t 3-to-1 a bruiser with flamethrower.
They can’t rely on crits.
They have subpar damage.
They have impaired mobility and a very small hitbox with a self-root for heavy attacks with no autotracking like melees, or hitscan, or extended hitbox.
They have scrap drops since always.

What’s AGS plan here? What’s the discussion? To delete them finally? To keep nerfing them so you need 5-to-1 flamethrowers to torch a bruiser? Seriously, what’s the plan?


Hi all! Apologies, I slightly misspoke by providing a broad answer for a specific case, which caused some confusion. In the instance of asking why keen and fire/ice is not applicable on the same ring, it’s because it’s meant to be a choice. To take keen (relying on crits) or any single damage type, including fire/ice (not relying on crits)… not both. Similar to how physical damage / keen are also not available on the same ring. (I notice that someone brought up Heart of Maahebgal. That was a bug and will be resolved soon.)

We are aware of the general and overarching concerns for magic users, especially around mutations, and are looking at ways to address it without negatively impacting the experiences outside of mutations. :saluting_face:


Where is this amazing table from? Do you have a link to a page?

Ok well please give us a new Keen Awareness/Hearty INT ring with any good third perk.


Best I can do is Beast Bane. Or Sacred, to sprinkle a little extra salt.


One very simple first step would be to remove the 75% void/fire/ice damage resist mutations. All melee have to do is slot a different gem in their weapon, whereas mages become completely obsolete if ie Genesis rolls the fire resist mutation, or Laz rolls void resist.


Let’s keep in mind though that Magic weapons are the only weapons that do NOT have a condition for guaranteed critical hits. Melee weapons have backstabs and Ranged weapons have headshots. This creates a scenario where Magic weapons rely a lot more on the critical chance from their gear than Melee & Ranged weapons and overall that makes it less of a choice in the end.

Was this ever considered in the design process?


Here you go.

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The mage experience outside mutations is already very negative. While mutations are absolutely an issue, so is PvP and just general open world experience quality.

No, that’s not a challenge to make it worse!


I just really hope you guys are realizing that the overall majority perception of the mage community is that AGS actively hates mages. I’m sure that’s not actually true, but the state of the class makes people feel that way. I hope ya’ll think long and hard about that.


I think magic needs a bit of a rework. Primarily firestaff. I would love for them to focus firestaff as being the premier aoe magic damage. Keep ice gauntlet as more utility, and void as a support/buff/debuff


Honestly, they see mages getting high scores in OPR and war so they feel they can’t increase their damage anymore without making them over powered and “without negatively impacting the experiences outside of mutations”. Its actually amazing they are so clueless to how weak Firestaff is in PVP right now.


Like they don’t understand a weapon that has ZERO utility needs to be doing substantially more damage than a weapon with utility for it to be considered good. I am talking 50% or more damage. They just introduced a new weapon that is top DPS, burst, and has the most utility in the game… Like wtf is going on here?

The problem is you can pair a high damage weapon with one that has utility and it becomes over powered when played together. They need to get rid of the concept of pure damage or pure support weapons, it makes the game too impossible to balance. Yes there can be flavors of weapons, but you can’t have this all or none approach they are trying to take.


Best I can do is STR-DEX greatSword that excels at everything and comes with built-in-aimbot!


lol, gave them low damage and based their kit around crits. Then don’t give them crits.

Class A design.


I agree completely