On the functionality of skins

Why can’t there be a separate “back” slot for cosmetics? Things like giant wings, horns, and capes could be in this slot and optional. It would open up so much flexibility with skins (and make some of them more appealing).

Also…give me quiver skins that match my bow, pls and thanks :smiley:

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i like this idea it would open up more unique customization , sometimes i like the wings sometimes i wish i could add the wings to other outfits too !

Only if this can be disabled by those who don’t want to see them. Would create more lag in wars and large scale pvp

Hell no, Costmetics Wings will make the game looks like a old cashgrab korean mmo, and we all know how bad things can go if it goes that way.

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How would it create more lag exactly?

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What’s more concerning is that you can apply any skin to any armor weight and you can’t tell just looking at someone what armor weight they are.

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Yeah I kinda agree with this. But it’s an easy tell with their dodge animation so meh

Every other MMO ever made is that way →

You don’t have to use them :joy:

It’s easy to tell by how they dodge if you pvp enough you’ll know nothing else needs to be said here

It wouldn’t create any lag , the lag is done by weapon abilities or was pretty sure they fixed that I would hope .

I was also wondering how it would cause lag. Thought I was just missing something obvious!

I won’t wear them but I’ll still see them, and frankly it’s ridiculous.

Then most mmos aren’t for you

If by mmo you mean the trash tier korean mmos or mobile garbage yes they arent for me, cant say the same for my FFxiv, WOW, ESO, the Fallen WildStar, SWTOR. All mmos that i really played for a long time.

Wow , ESO , swtor etc have all had their fair share of corny wings etc so your whole argument is done for .

I will not over extend this, this thread dont deserve this kind of atention, anyway, they do have, Is less than a shit mmo because people dont use mostly due to common sense. It is silly, and also de DEVs has better things to focus right now than a bad skin system.

lol, and I choose to think that they’d make more money off of cosmetics if things like this were fixed. I’m not sure if you’re aware, but people pay stupid amounts of money to look good in a game.

Also, this would probably be MORE on the art department than the devs ultimately. So they can just keep merrily chugging along with other things too.

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Thanks for the feedback @Serendella I have passed this on to the team!

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Nah your whole point is gone . All those games you listed all have way more ridiculous tmogs . Take the fat L