On the need to enforce region locks

Hello, i’m on the Eldorado server. Which as you probably know is a US west server. You would expect atleast the vast majority to be playing from the correct reigon but after a few weeks this is clearly not the case. I can’t speak for other servers but this one specifically is flooded with Chinese and it’s actually very disruptive to my gaming experience. Unlike players from my region, i am not able to communicate nor group with them. They are everywhere in all the farm spots and serve as as nothing more than a major nuisance. For example if i’m killing beasts they will without any tact skin the mobs right infront of me with no shame. They occupy so much of what i’m trying to do and make it not worthwhile. Ontop of that this server seems subjected to an insane amount of gold website spam, more so than any other game or server i have ever experienced. They are clearly heavily involved in both the selling and farming of gold here, but yet they walk around with no fear of consequence. They don’t even try to hide what they are. Global chat is littered with chinese constantly. It makes me feel like a stranger on my own server and I see no reason they should be here in mass on a server half way across the world. If you wanna suck the CCP’s teet to get a Chinese new world server approved more power to you, but I see absolutely no reason they should be allowed to disrupt players playing the intended region. Ontop of that If you range banned all chinese IP’s i’m pretty sure the staggering amount of gold website spam would vanish.

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