On the topic of weapon nerfs

again, again and again you find threads asking that this or that weapon should be nerfed.

Again, again and again these threads are only arguing from PvP-Perspective.

In the past AGS has reacted and introduced nerfs.

These nerfs impacted the weapons badly from PvE-Perspective.

For example you do not find a lot of people playing with Ice-Gauntlet in PvE. It is simply underwhelming and not a lot of fun. Exactly the few positive items like Ice-Storm or the ability to control opponents by short freeze were nerfed due to PvP reasons. And even the from PvE-Perspective only average performing Ice-Spike is requested nowadays by some to be nerfed. Leaving a wreckage from PvE point of view.

This was eventually recongnized and with a future update some changes are planned to be introduced for e.g. Ice-Gauntlet, Fire-Staff, … .

Rootcause is however, that changes were introduced for PvP, not thinking once about the impact to PvE.

My request, if ever read by a moderator: Do not let yourself get caught by the pure PvP based cries for nerfs. To almost 100% all the arguments are only given from PvP-Perspective, without caring about PvE. Always look at a weapon holistic, both from PvP and PvE perspective.

If nerfing a weapon for PvP on one side, then buff it for PvE on the other side. Actual subject of discussion is e.g. the void gauntlet. If and whenever nerfing it for PvP, buff if it same realease for PvE. Otherwise the satisfaction you gain from PvP-Players, you loose from PvE-Players and nothing has progressed or was balanced overall.

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