Once again, bow got nerfed

While everyone is talking about GS increasing, let’s talk about new bow nerf:

  • Bow: Fixed an issue that allowed players to instantly jump-cancel the bow shot recovery.

Now the bow feels more clunky. Considering the popularity of the resilient, as well as the strength of heavy armor, the jump nerf will make bow a little unplayable weapon. Looks like mages gonna be stronk again, because now they become fastest weapons again.

After previous nerf it became much harder to play with bow. So jumping was some kind of fresh air to dealing damage. Now it’s nerfed too, and bow become one of the slowest and hardest weapons ago.


This was a legit unintended mechanic.
Not only did it allow you to increase the rate of fire of the bow, increasing it’s overall damage output, but it also really fucked with the tracking on melee weapons and it looked stupid as hell as an outside spectator.

The bow can still crit for 6k damage, it isn’t an unplayable weapon in the slightest. I’d say the only “mage build” that is better than a bow build is VG.


They had fixed the musket fire rate in the previous patch, which grossly nerfed muskets DPS. So I feel for yah, but not surprised.

It’s a bug fix, not a nerf. You aren’t supposed to be able to jump cancel.


I disagree about 6k crit. In PvP it was possible in times when meta wasn’t stable and a lot of ppl were wearing light armor. Now, at least at my server, 40% are wearing heavy, 40% are wearing medium with heavy parts, and 20% are wearing light. Also, general damage got nerfed in previous patch, so now everyone dealing less damage than before. So now it’s just impossible to deal 6k at all. I have 598 bow, with keen and vicious perks, gem for damage after dodge, 350 dex and 100 const and the max amount of damage which I can deal to heavy from crit is around 1,8k-1,9k, if guy is wearing full resilient perks it’s gonna be like 1,3k from light crit hit. To light armor max crit is now only 3,5k, maybe 4k. It’s fine, but still, bow is now A LOT weaker than before.

So after all nerfes and damage changes, jumping was only way to deal stable damage, considering that you cannot insta dodge after shot


Then let them take the opportunity to dodge after firing with a musket and magic. Probably the fact that the bow cannot do the Dodge after the shot is not a bug in your opinion, right?


lol… fixing an exploit is not a nerf.


As a bow main I’m glad that this change was made. Bow users doing the jump look like idiots and will need to learn to fight without it.


Same!! I was happy about the Musket animation changes too last patch. Everyone freaked out it was “tooo cwunky”, no it’s intended we were just spoiled by “fluidity” when in reality and you look at it …looked like a goober mexican jumping bean firing projectiles.

Less musket bandwagoners though so it’s been a nice change, this will get rid of the build of the week bois on bow too…more will probably go VG though…oh well. The real bow players will stick around.

Bug fix you mean.

You know jump cancels are ridiculous but you don’t care to admit it.


As a bow user since Alpha 1, that jump cancel was a major bug, and I’m glad they fixed it.


Glad this is being fixed. It’s the most ridiculous thing to see all these bow users jumping around like morons.


lol always funny when someone cant keep exploiting and call it a nerf.



They nerfed an exploit??? Whatever shall we do???


Fixed that for you, you had a couple of typos there.

no need to thank me


Atleast you can still hit stuff with bow…

How is fixing an Exploit, that you havn’t been using since you are not a Noob-Exploiter ofc. a nerf?
Doesnt make any sense.

Actually its a buff to all fair Bow-Players like yourself, that have not been actively exploiting since release. Now you can kill those guys even easier.

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they need to make it where you can freaking dodge immiadetely after shooting a dam arrow (uses stamina) instead of being stuck for 0.5 seconds like a sitting duck. That changed last patch where you have a recovery period that you cant do anything in after shooting an arrow. Now with no more jump the bow is going to be the weakest weapon in game (mind u with the highest skill ceiling) . Go figure. Worst part is , bow just feels so dam clunky now , wayyyyy too many buffer windows. LOWER THE DAMAGE IF YOU MUST BUT Stop changing how the bow felt FUN to play. This rant has nothing to even do with the jump cancelling honestly. The jump cancelling was just a mask to cover up how much clunkiness is in the bow after last patch.


Bow is broken, are you seriously complaining about getting a double iframe with an unintentional free reset on a cooldown?

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Good. Now reduce it’s damage by 20% or give fire staff an increase of 20% damage to be on par with the bow.

Also, firestaff could use a few “accidental exploits” for a few weeks that go completely unchecked and ignored. that’d be real balance.

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