Once again, bow got nerfed


it’s not a nerf and you know it. it was a cheezy exploit


Fecking finally!

I use bow and never used this obvious exploit.

Now, onto VG exploits, AGS. Get to it!


VG Dash is no longer in PTR.



How about the cool down cancel for Oblivion?

i am not sure on that

No worries. The dash exploit was used way more. I saw so many clowns using this in OPR (and always the same ones and always the same faction, weirdly enough).

Really pleased these two exploits are gone.

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they need to take out these dam buffer windows in everything honestly, game is just wayyy to clunky right now. If you want to use stamina to get out of the Recovery period then you should be allowed to

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I do agree with that, somewhat. Some things need buffers to keep them balanced. But then I’d be happier if they flat out forced stamina usage for almost everything we do, if I’m honest. Perhaps not attacks (but I mean, why the hell not?) but absolutely when we sprint. And yes, that means I think we should move as fast as we do now only when sprinting, which remains on permanently with no reduction of stamina outside of combat but as soon as you attack anything/anyone… bam, stamina drain if you sprint (and so you’re otherwise locked into a slightly slower movement speed).

But that’s just me. The fact that some builds can just roll, roll, roll, zoom skill, roll, roll, roll, zoom skill #2, roll, roll, roll… and then still turn around and hit for full damage in the next second is easily my top reason for thinking PVP in this game is trash most of the time.

But I disgress and this isn’t the topic for that so apologies. Yay for exploit nerfs.

(and I still agree with you, stamina cost cancelling would be decent but I just think that stamina should be so much more precious than it is currently).

Welcome to GA Hammer world

Even with the jump shot, the fire of the fs has always been significantly higher on both light and heavy attacks. Makes zero sense. FS and IG don’t take more then 2 brain cells to use and have much much larger hit boxes. Bow should always have a faster fire rate and heavy charge time considering these 3 factors: bow is specifically designed for single point dips, with its current fire rate, it is outperformed by all other options including the fs (which is designed for aoe, not single point)
2. Bow has the highest skill cap in the game and more often then not, several shots will be missed before one is hit because of it especially considering the dime sized hit box
3. De sync is most prominent with a bow then most any other weapon in the game with exception of the musket

Gotta face the facts. Dev team is a group of morons who were hired off of the streets


Bow only Crits for 6k from full charge heavy attack headshots. Not a single bow user even attempts to use heavy attacks in pvp because it has the slowest heavy charge time in the game. So anything heavy attack related can’t be used against us. Every single bow user would happily trade heavy attack crit damage for a substantial fire rate increase


Are you really crying because the bow got angry? The bug in the spring has been fixed. Send it like a real joke

Keep bitching about fire staff single point damage. Your stupidity is showing. Mages are designed to be dominant in aoe and shit in single point. Bows are designed to be the god weapon of single point and shit in aoe. Get over it, or uninstall. No class is allowed to excel in all aspects

Sorry, but animation canceling shouldn’t be a thing. BTW, I do the dodge weapon switch thing constantly. It’s OP af when you’re escaping people, while in light armor.

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Having been hit by the semi-automatic… err the bow, on many occasions, and also never using the bow in PvP, I fully approve of this change :+1:

That said, if this takes the weapon into a ‘bad place’, they should give it boosts in other ways.

As for ‘clunky’, they have been making changes that are making most weapons feel clunky.

Disagree. There are times when full charge is doable and a good option. Bow main since launch. The fire rate is fine. Ill be sad to see the jump go away because it diversified your dodging options and made mages have to adapt… But I get it. Bottom line, you dont speak for all bow users.

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I know that Bow now feels kinda bad, but guess what, all ranged weapons felt exactly like that the whole time while you we’re wannabe bunnyhopping Legolas.

Some call it nerfed, I call it fixed. Bow still does absolutely insane damage compared to weapons like the firestaff and is still more than fine if you ask me.


If you wanna fix animation canceling i mean its a terrible move and makes your game stale and boring but I get it. But if you do things like this and it makes a weapon unplayable you need to simultaneously buff something about the weapon. The bow is already the worst weapon in the game, only attracting players because of the high skill cap and the fluidity that roll animation cancel and jump animation cancels bring. If your going to remove those then why arent you buffing the weapon? Fire staff lights already hit twice as hard and shoot twice as fast and have twice the projectile hitbox. What gives???


bow users looks like an idiots with another “feature” - not to be able to dodge after shot which is ridiculous. Jumping was an exploit, ok, but with it bow was on the same level like other weapons in movement. Now after the fix it’s again become worst weapon to play


If you think bow jump is an iframe, you’re an actual idiot.