Once Again, I am Reminded that Twitch Exists

Ten hours of watching seems a touch excessive, though as I understand it:
– it means New World can brag about being the number 1 watched game for a bit, making it look more popular
– it’s part of the quid pro quid where streamers advertise a game in exchange for the game advertising them… so companies can stick advertisements in the stream.

I do wish games would set up these deals with a wider variety of streamers. I’m not opposed to spending time watching someone play a game, but most channels feature someone constantly talking while playing music while confetti and pop-ups burst across the screen.

It’s a bit like going to a movie only to have a clown constantly vomiting rainbows in the seat in front of you.

I’m sure the streamers themselves are fine people but I end up muting them and switching to a different tab. Then I get my drops and forget Twitch exists until there’s another giveaway.

I suppose that’s the system working as intended but it does feel like a bit of a waste.

The Fextralife streams are a bit more mature than some, maybe they’ll suit you better

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I’ll give that one a try. Thanks.

Pull it up, crank the volume down, minimize, set a timer for however long the current reward you’re working for takes.

The worst are the streamers who talk more than play. My lord it is annoying. They will play for 2 mins. Stop. Read chat and talk for 5-10mins. Then start playing again for 2 mins and then talk for 5-10 rinse and repeat. It takes forever to finally find one streaming a game you want to see who can play and talk at the same time.

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