Once again, sitting in Queue for Vallhalla

Every night is the same. Seeing a 300+ queue while other servers don’t even come close. Offer free transfers or up the cap. Consistently like this, and it needs to be addressed.

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@Tripptych comment on this thread Increase server capacity - #6 by Medazzal

It’s 10:30 on a Sunday evening, the busiest day of the week, the q is fine.

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Didn’t read the post huh, Clearly stated this is an every night occurrence.

I know, I’m on that server and never spent more than 20 minutes in a q, not a big deal


I would rather have a queue for an hour twice a week, and have enough people to run world tours, opr, and dungeons at all hours than the alternative. I think anyone who complains about a queue is forgetting how awful dead servers were/are.


Either that or they want a healthy middle point where they get into a server with modest population but no nightly queue.

There can exist more than two states of being here, people. I promise. Pinky promise!

Really 20 min q is such a big problem for you , that you had to make another copy paste thread ?

They should offer transfer tokens that expires in 7 days or sth like that.

There should be no need for a que, having people WAIT to play the game for over an hour is going to make them NOT PLAY. What do you not understand about that?

Other MMO’s 400k - 20 million players. They do not experience ques.

This game has 26k players currently, it does not need ques.

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