Once and for all: PVP loot luck?

I’d like @Shadow_Fox to settle something for us.

PVP Loot Luck. Is that a thing? Cuz 90% of the people I will ask on my world will say yes, the 10% will say: I don’t know.

I believe there was a confusion with gathering luck when PVP flag is on.

When looting monsters and chests, is there an hidden luck bonus when PVP flag is on?

Maybe the 30% gathering luck in PVP includes loot luck?

Can AG please help settle this?

Bump @Shadow_Fox

I tag you cuz you almost settled the situation before.

Would it be possible to have an official reply on this?

It’s 30% gathering bonus and 10% loot luck I believe

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Nope. 10% XP.

It’s not written anywhere that it’s 10% loot luck.

Unless I’m utterly blind.

Not even close.

30% gathering luck bonus, 10% XP. But everyone that replies on my server believes there is a loot luck bonus too.

I would like to know as well - but honestly just do away with this foolish mechanic.


10% loot, 30% gather

10% XP, 30% gathering luck.

Screenshot or it doesn’t exist. Cuz I want to know if I’m blind.

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Stop lying.

  • Added a +10% Luck bonus and a +30% Gathering Luck bonus to players flagged for PvP.


I was completely blind. Thanks. That settles it.

This didn’t age well now did it @Recksters

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