One company Ownership/abuse

A 5 man company shouldn’t be allowed to run a territory on behalf of a 100 man to stagger war times, there should also be a min amount of players to own a territory. On a larger server competing against another company for territories is getting out of hand as they and other shell companies keep getting decks and we can’t even get a shot at a war.

A minimum amount of players should be required to run a settlement at lest 15-25. A cooldown to switch companies like 1 day, and a cooldown for war participation. War participation should be something like 2 per faction per 12hrs. I see the point in defending 2 territories and helping other factions but if a company owns 5 and are on your own faction and are running them into the ground it makes life really hard to do anything as you cant declare war on your own faction.

I think these changes would mostly to promote real companies owning territories , as the devs have stating owning more than 1 should be a challenge and the changes i want wouldn’t hinder 1 company owning 2. This problem wasn’t as apparent until i had a problem company on my server of the same faction run things into the ground and all we can do right now is wait 60 days to change faction if we want to take these territories, or wait for another faction to take it so we can take it from them.

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