One day I hope to find the elusive Turkey King

I’ve been playing the game for a few days now, and even though I’ve read the lore that people have gathered, I’m still convinced there’s something deeper going on in the game that we have not been yet made aware.

And I suspect it has something to do with the turkeys that populate the land.

Has anyone else noticed that the town boards reward us for killing and culling turkeys? I suspect this is for a much deeper reason, and on the surface the npcs of the land are probably telling us that’s just to keep the population down, but I suspect something much darker is happening here.

There’s an actual Turkey King who has been leading the corruption to destroy all of humankind. And it’s probably because we keep killing all of his turkey buddies. He’s mad, and we’re all going to pay the price.

I know this because there’s a homeless cobbler in Everfall that told me of a book that contains the hidden lore of the elusive Turkey King. Well, he didn’t exactly tell me, but he was repairing shoes at the time, and it just looked like he was going to tell me that, so that’s proof enough.

So, I have decided to begin my quest to find the secret lair of the most evil and despicable turkey king. All I know is that he holds court with a bunch of level 2 boars who are ready to defend him at a moment’s notice but are willing to throw their lives out the window in order to protect his identity.

These wars we’re fighting are just a cover, and we must stop them immediately because if we don’t, the elusive turkey king will overwhelm us all!


They ask us to do the same for rabbits, but there is a rabbit king in game lol

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This needs more attention and any help provided is appreciated

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The Turkey King is sending out his minions:

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I believe this new guy is yet another false flag operation of the elusive turkey king. The turkey king is way too smart to reveal himself to the public. No, he sends out his minions. Even his boss minions just to make sure we don’t see his manifestations in the shadows.

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