One of the worst PvP balance (GA Rant)

I like to consider myself as a weapon master and like to switch my weapons every so often, never sticking to one or the other, as such, how is it that GA has gone untouched this long? You think is normal to be hitting 3k light attacks with GRIT and instant CC abilities? You smoothed out the weapon switching but it seems to favor meele only as you can switch from GA to WH, spam your CC CDs, and back to GA and all very seamless, while ranged DPS and magic remain clunky (slow), and buggy.

How has this gone so long without being looked at? And if you looked into it then it probably speaks more about the balance team’s incompetence and lack of understanding at PvP balancing.

I really want this game to succeed, but lately it has been more frustrating than fun to be honest, you can clearly see in your database that most of the player base are using GA (myself included sometimes), is not a coincidence, as they can just spam light attack, pulling the players to them and them to the other players by spamming left click and bugging through all manner of CC.

This makes no sense at all, the GA is single handedly ruining the competitive spirit and balance of this game.


Who hits 3k light attacks? Can you provide an image/video please?

A good GA user Dont just SPAM left click tho, VOID gauntlet is OP tho

Void gauntlet just deleted people xD . I was astonishes tbh. Not to mention the CC you have on it. For duels it’s simply broken

Come on dude, really? Are we even playing the same game? Your average GA/WH user hits 3k on medium armor, I am not going to post any screenshots or videos since there are tons of them already up on Youtube, look them up.

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Just another PvP crybaby whining about what kills him. If it’s not GA it will be rapier. If not rapier, it will be the hatchet. Etc. These guys are predictable. They think they’re so good that nothing should kill them. PvP players are toxic and absolutely ruin every MMO they touch with their endless whining while the silent majority just play the game and wonder WTF is happening.

I am ranting about something obviously broken, like I said, I like to switch weapons often and when I use GA the impact of it is certainly more noticeable than other weapons.

I just want PvP to be fair and as a balanced as possible. GA is preventing that as it seems that over 50% of all war teams are composed of GA/WH, I am sure not even you can deny that.

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The weapon with the most CC gets the most amount of CC avoidance and can be paired with the most damaging aoe most mobile weapon attacks that also has CC and life leaching suatain and the same CC avoidance.
Every game eventually adds CC deminishing returns because of how powerful CC is.

Do you not see the issue with this?

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imagine when outpost rush is crowded with dex builds that are untouachable, musket players, and void gauntlet perma rooting everyone. how is some ppl still complain of gas lol.

every cc on warhammer is a short cc, and stuns is basically a sleep in this game. you clear out of it on hit. i rather fighting a bunch of warhammers than one void gauntlet screaming on less than 15 seconds and rooting me for 2.5 seconds where i just have to eat damage with no counterplay.

Not really. The difference between a rapier user doing a lot of damage and a greataxe user doing a lot of damage is the rapier have 7k hp, is in light armor and does single target damage while the greataxe have 12k hp, is in heavy and does aoe damage with near perma grit.

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Most rapier users also have a ranged weapon to keep them safe until the melee GA user is close, if you don’t understand this you’re just another noob crying about GA.

If you die to a ranged weapon you’re probably one of those idiots GA users who’s entire game experience so far was to hold W and spam left click and doesn’t know the concept of line of sight of zig zaging.

But it’s okay, you cannot blame GA users for doing something wrong for the same reason you cannot blame an ape for being stupid.

GA damage / mobility is crazy high for a weapon that uses no stamina to chase down light armor users who double roll yet still get caught. If i double light roll i should be able to escape but a GA user can light attack and he snaps right back onto me with no stamina useage? that needs a nerf

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Game is outsourced. Its not that they dont know GA is OP. First they have to tell the guy in India its OP. Who then has to tell his coder friends to come up with a fix. Then they send that code to China so they can combine it with the patch they were working on. Then they have to send that to the one guy at AGS who tries to insert all that code into the game. All while having a massive language barrier.

This is why the game has patches with things that were broken months ago and certain exploits cant be fixed with in a fast time frame. The only true power the one guy at AGS has it seems is to disable the TP when dupes are found. Then he frantically has to use google translate to talk to the real developers in India/China.

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