One players last wish for a dying server

My server is dying. Slowly but surely. There is almost no contest to the faction with the most territories, and there is nothing that can be done about it. My company and I are trying to patiently wait for server merges, in the hopes that it will spark some kind of life back into the game.

Upon the latest patch and the vague status of server merges, a lot of the players in my company are just considering using their server transfer token, and all going to the same server, which I think would be a great idea… -IF- we didn’t have active players who already used their token to come to my server. If we were to use the token to change servers it would sever the ties we made with so many people, and my fear is it wouldn’t feel the same without the digital family I have grown to respect and love.

Is there anything, any hope a dev can give us about server merges before it’s too late?

Sorry for the complaining, I just want to keep our players together.

@NW_Mugsy @Luxendra

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