One step forward, one step back (Flagged Bonus)

Problem: Aptitude rewards have greatly removed incentive for players to flag up when gathering materials as the rare materials are now highly devalued. Yield is more important since raw materials currently hold more inherent value, and the best way to maximize yield is to farm unflagged to minimize interruptions/competition.

Solution: Instead of a gathering luck bonus, flagging up should give a gathering yield bonus instead.

or extra gold. People love gold

Gold is the fungible byproduct of the change. The underlying incentive for people to take on additional risk while they hunt for rewards.

Any transferable item’s value can be boiled down to its relative gold cost in the economy. Increasing raw materials instead of the now misnamed “legendary” materials is just fixing the reward that was initially added then subsequently marginalized by the most recent patch.

From what ive gathered there are a lot of people who dont like to make money on the trade. I however love trade

I’m not a fan of the trade-game, but I’m happy it exists.

The likelihood that any person will naturally receive a full armorer set, 3 armorer’s journals, and 3 precision armoring tools is astronomically low, but many crafters are able to advertise 595-600 services in global chat because of the economy.

Some people really like acquiring gold, but I think everyone likes receiving loot that is valuable. If the value of that loot is based on the risk involved in acquiring it, the risk because more appealing. Lazarus isn’t a hard expedition, but you also don’t want to risk a tuning orb with a bad group. Orbs are a pain to come by and Laz loot can be quite rewarding.

I just want to see more incentives for people to take risks. Safe gameplay should still be an option, but it shouldn’t be a competitive option.

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spittin facts man I like that.

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